Exploring the Benefits of Putting a Face Mask in the Toilet Bowl

Have you ever considered repurposing used masks instead of throwing them away? Adding a bit of soap and toothpaste to masks before placing them in the water tank of your toilet can offer several surprising benefits.


Face masks are not only essential for preventing the spread of bacteria, pollutants, and contaminants, but they also have various other uses. One unique way to utilize face masks is by placing them in the toilet water tank, which offers surprising benefits.

Putting face masks in the toilet water tank - Photo 1.

Discover the benefits of putting face masks in the toilet water tank

Benefits of using face masks in the toilet water tank

By placing a used face mask along with some soap and toothpaste in the toilet water tank, you can keep your toilet clean and odor-free.

Soap is known for its cleansing properties and excellent ability to remove dirt and bacteria. There are now various soap options available, some with pleasant scents that can help eliminate unwanted odors in your toilet. Toothpaste, on the other hand, possesses cleaning and whitening properties. When combined with soap, it enhances the cleaning effectiveness and helps maintain the cleanliness of your toilet.

Here’s a simple method to follow:

To start, gently cut one side of the face mask using scissors and tear it apart by hand. This will transform the face mask into a small bag-like structure.

Putting face masks in the toilet water tank - Photo 2.

Carefully cut one side of the face mask

Place some soap or foam pads inside the face mask “bag” and apply a small amount of toothpaste between the layers of the face mask.

Putting face masks in the toilet water tank - Photo 3.

Add soap and toothpaste into the face mask

Using a string, tie the mouth of the face mask together. Remove the lid of the toilet water tank and hang the face mask inside.

Putting face masks in the toilet water tank - Photo 4.

Place the face mask with soap inside the toilet water tank

This soap-containing face mask can serve as a substitute for regular cleaning agents, including toilet bowl tablets. When in contact with water, the soap and toothpaste will dissolve, aiding in the removal of stains and elimination of odors.

It is important to regularly check and replace the face mask. Once the soap and toothpaste inside are depleted, replace them with new ones to maintain the cleaning effectiveness over time.

While using this method will keep your toilet clean with each flush, it is still necessary to regularly clean your toilet to remove bacteria and other stubborn dirt. Neglecting proper cleaning could result in yellowing over time.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of putting face masks in the toilet water tank, why not give it a try?

Quick tips for toilet cleaning and odor elimination

Consider the following simple and quick methods to clean your toilet:

1. Toilet cleaning with lemon juice:

Lemons contain high levels of acid, making them effective in quickly cleaning and dissolving stubborn stains.

– Prepare some lemon juice and mix it with white vinegar. Pour the mixture onto stubborn yellow stains in your toilet and gently scrub. After approximately 20-30 minutes, rinse with water. Your toilet will emerge clean, and the stubborn stains will vanish swiftly.

2. Utilize a mixture of baking soda and salt:

Baking soda and salt, when combined, create a safe and efficient cleaning agent. This makes them popular choices for bathroom cleaning.

– Mix baking soda and salt in equal parts to create a paste.

– Apply the paste to yellow and stubborn stains in your toilet, then scrub gently. For tough yellow stains, let the paste sit for 2-3 hours before scrubbing with water.

– Rinse with clean water. You will witness swift removal of stubborn and yellow stains.

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