Gấc Harvesting Hacks: Maintain Vibrant Colors All Year Long

With this preservation method, you can enjoy gac all year round - delicious and convenient, with no loss of its fragrant aroma.


Gấc is a sweet and nutritious fruit that is good for your health. Gấc can be used to make sticky rice, cakes, dye desserts, and dye food… Gấc is nearing the end of the season, so if you are a fan of Gấc, you can buy a lot of it and store it for later use.

As a busy mom who loves cooking, Ms. Tran Loan (Hoa Binh) doesn’t miss out on the vibrant red ripe Gấc fruits. Because the Gấc season is ending, the 9X mom has frozen the Gấc for use throughout the year. She shared, “The Gấc season is almost over, so I took the opportunity to store some Gấc for use throughout the year. It’s so convenient to have it readily available in the pantry whenever I need it.”

Our family especially loves Gấc sticky rice. We always make it on lunar New Year’s day or when we offer it to our ancestors. A few days ago, I bought a batch of delicious Gấc, so today I took the opportunity to make some. Besides sticky rice, frozen Gấc can be used to make wine sauce or to dye cakes, it tastes good and the color is beautiful too.”

Ms. Tran Loan.

Below is the method of preserving Gấc by Ms. Tran Loan, let’s check it out:

Gấc preservation: 

– Gấc ripe (this type has a lot of flesh and is red and beautiful)

– Gấc storage bag

How to preserve Gấc: 

– Cut the Gấc fruits in half.

Then take out the Gấc flesh.

Continue to separate the Gấc flesh from the seeds.

Note: You can put Gấc in the freezer for 1 hour to make it easier to separate.

– After separating the Gấc flesh, it will be prepared for easier storage. It only needs to be taken out for immediate use.

The preparation method is as follows: Put the Gấc flesh in a mortar, add sugar to taste (the amount of sugar depends on personal preference) + a few tablespoons of cooking oil + a few tablespoons of white wine. Put everything into a blender and blend until smooth.

– After the Gấc flesh has been blended, put it in a pot, turn on the stove to medium heat and stir for 5-7 minutes. When the Gấc flesh is cooked, turn off the heat and let it cool.

Note: Cooking the Gấc flesh like this helps preserve the Gấc better, without changing its color or smell.

– Let the Gấc cool, divide it into separate bags, freeze it, and use it as needed.

This method of storing Gấc has many advantages:

– Saves space in the freezer.

– The sticky rice has a beautiful, uniform, shiny, and smooth red color without any grittiness.

– Each time you use it, thaw it naturally quickly and easily, without any additional preparation, and it lasts for a whole year without any odor.

Gấc gives sticky rice a beautiful color.

Gấc is also great for making braised dishes with beef, with both delicious taste and beautiful color.

Gấc can also be used to make delicious and attractive orange-colored buns.


Source: Dan Viet

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