Great Tips for Using a Microwave Oven in the Right Way

While it is convenient to take on multiple cooking tasks in place of a traditional stove, many people still lack a clear understanding of the fundamental principles of using a microwave oven safely.


Although quite convenient as it takes on many tasks in cooking for a conventional stove, many people still don’t understand the basic principles of using a microwave oven safely.

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Pay attention to cooking time
The first thing to do is to thoroughly read the instructions on cooking time for each type of food. Then, take note that some types of food need to be covered when cooking, and there are foods that need to be taken out of the packaging before cooking… If you don’t read the instructions carefully, the food may be spoiled or not as delicious as desired.
Keep an eye on the food being cooked
Cooking time in the microwave is very fast, so the cook is often negligent and not paying attention. Hence, due to carelessness, the food may spill out or expand too much while the oven is operating.
Do not wrap food in aluminum foil when using a microwave oven
When you need to wrap food tightly, avoid using aluminum foil because this type of paper will generate electrical sparks that can be harmful to the microwave oven. It is best to use food wrap or other safe materials that can be used for microwave ovens to wrap the food to be cooked.
Poke a hole in the egg when cooking with a microwave oven
For egg dishes cooked in the microwave, before putting them in the microwave, use a fork or knife to poke a hole in the yolk part of the egg. This is a way to prevent the egg from swelling and overflowing during cooking. Also, absolutely do not put whole eggs in the microwave, unless you have used a specially designed utensils for microwave egg cooking.