How to Buy and Use Cucumbers like a Pro

Follow our expert advice and become a cucumber connoisseur. From the grocery store to your kitchen, you'll never have to worry about getting a subpar cucumber again. Get ready to experience the delight of biting into a juicy, delectable cucumber with every bite. Stay tuned for our tips and tricks on selecting the most exquisite cucumbers in town.

Cucumbers, also known as cucumber – almost all year round; however, the most popular cucumber season is around July – August every year.
When choosing cucumbers, you should choose fruits that are evenly colored, firm to the touch, without blemishes or yellowish color. Long, evenly sized cucumbers are the type of cucumber with special flesh, they will taste better than short, round cucumbers.
The yellow stains on the cucumber indicate that they have been stored for a long time and are beginning to show signs of damage. These cucumbers are not tasty and may have a bitter taste, so you should not buy them.
Cucumbers should have a long, uniform shape, you should avoid buying cucumbers that are bulging – too large in the middle because these are old cucumbers, with many seeds and a lot of water, they are not tasty either.
Sometimes when buying cucumbers, you may notice a thin layer of bloom on the cucumber, this bloom layer helps retain water for the cucumber, keeping them fresh and not wither. If you choose to buy this type of cucumber, you should wash it thoroughly with water mixed with lemon juice, vinegar, or rinse it with hot water.
If the cucumber skin is thin and has no bloom layer, after cleaning it, you can slice it and use it right away. However, before slicing or preparing the cucumber, you need to taste it, if the cucumber has a bitter taste, you need to peel it to remove the bitterness. Small cucumbers are usually less bitter than larger ones.
The bitterness on the cucumber can be caused by various factors, the most characteristic factors are high temperature in the place where the cucumber is stored, lack of moisture, cucumbers being grown in dry soil without adequate care…
To remove the cucumber seeds, the best way is to cut the cucumber in half lengthwise and then use a spoon to scoop out the cucumber seeds.
Whole cucumbers can be stored in plastic bags, kept in the refrigerator’s cool compartment for about 10 days without affecting the quality of the cucumbers.
If you are allergic to pollen or aspirin, you should not eat cucumbers as they can cause itching in the throat.
Cucumbers are delicious when combined with salmon, spinach, mint, yogurt, scallions, tomatoes, and whipped cream…
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