How to choose the perfect lipstick shade and some tips for every occasion

The most elegant and sophisticated choice for a lipstick would be one made from satin or matte material.


With countless types of lipsticks out there, how do you find the perfect one for you? Many people are passionate about collecting lipsticks in various colors and formulas, while others only have one or two that still make them look great. If you still don’t know which lipstick suits you or haven’t found your favorite lipstick, then the following guide is for you!

When choosing your favorite lipstick color, it’s important to pay attention to your own skin tone. Of course, there are no strict rules about what anyone can do, but do you know that the effect of lipstick will depend on your skin tone? Therefore, knowing exactly which lipstick color suits you will help enhance your personality and style.


How to determine your skin tone to choose the most suitable lipstick color

Understanding your skin tone is very important not only to choose the most suitable lipstick color for you but also to choose foundation and create a color story for your makeup look. It can even help you figure out what clothes you’ll look best in!

The first way, you can determine your skin color based on basic colors: yellow, red, and rarely blue. People with a dominant yellow tone have warm skin, those with a dominant red (or pink) tone have cool skin, and those with a balanced or blue tone have neutral skin. However, the color on the face will not be accurate because the face is usually slightly redder or you have sensitive skin. Therefore, you should look at the skin on the neck and chest, they will show your true skin color.

The second way, a common trick is to look at your veins:

• If you can’t categorize them into the green or blue group, meaning they are blue, then your skin tone is neutral.

• If they are slightly purple, you have cool-toned skin.

• If they are green, you have warm-toned skin.


The most suitable lipstick color for cool undertones

If you have cool-toned skin, slightly pink, a lipstick that makes your skin look healthy will be neutral or slightly cool-toned colors. Typical examples are nude shades or shades of pink, orange, and red with a hint of cool undertones. On the other hand, lipstick colors with a yellow undertone should be avoided, as they will make your skin appear red like a rash.

The most suitable lipstick color for warm undertones

If you have a warm skin tone with a lot of yellow hues, it’s best to stay away from purple-toned lipsticks. Yellow contrasts with purple on the color wheel, so purple hues will make your skin appear more yellow. However, if your skin tone is only moderately warm, warmer purple shades like plum and berry will look vibrant and the contrast will be pleasing to the eye.

Instead, neutral and warm-toned shades like warm pink, soft pink, or a brick red with a hint of brown will be perfect for you. In general, brick red, cherry pink, coral, and even shades of brown and mauve can look absolutely stunning.


The most suitable lipstick color for neutral undertones

Determining that you have a neutral skin tone can be difficult, but the magical result is that you will always look beautiful in most lipstick shades. Lipsticks with balanced warm and cool tones will suit your neutral skin tone the best, so the only thing to consider is the intensity of the lipstick shade and how it complements your overall makeup look.

How to choose lipstick for fair skin and dark skin will be much easier

While choosing lipstick based on undertones can be complex, choosing lipstick based on the brightness of your skin will be much easier.

• People with fair skin look best with shades like cherry pink, pink, and red. You can also experiment with vibrant and bold shades, while shades with a yellow or pale tone may make you look pale.

• Medium and tan skin tones are the most versatile when it comes to choosing lipstick shades, so you can pull off any color, from orange to red to nude.

• Darker skin tones pair perfectly with deeper tones like berry or brick red. In general, try to avoid pale lipstick shades.


Some suggestions for you to choose the right lipstick for certain occasions

Everyday lipsticks

Matte lipsticks with moisturizing properties will help you apply lipstick quickly, easily, and make your lips look amazing. Alternatively, you can also choose cream lipsticks. Finally, choose a neutral color close to the natural color of your lips or with a slight warm or cool undertone, depending on your skin tone.

Lipsticks for professional environments

At work, especially in a business environment, you may want to be more careful in choosing your lipstick.

• Satin and matte lipsticks will be the most elegant and sophisticated choices.

• Instead, you should avoid lipsticks that are easy to smudge or transfer but difficult to touch up perfectly like they were originally applied. Instead, choose liquid or long-lasting lipstick formulas.

• If you want to wear nude lipstick, make sure the shade is one or two tones darker than your skin tone if you have a fairly medium skin tone, while if your skin is deeper, choose a nude shade that matches your skin tone.

• Vibrant colors like bright red and hot pink may not be a great idea, but brick shades, plum, berry, or cool-toned reds can be a better fit for you.


Lipsticks for evening outings

When you go dancing, to a bar, to a pop or rock concert, or attend a party with friends or family, you may be more flexible in choosing your lipstick.

• This is an opportunity for you to wear vibrant lipstick shades, especially in dim, atmospheric lighting.

• Bold lipstick shades can be really fun, and on occasions like these, you can often break the rules by making both your lips and eyes stand out.

• If you prefer nude lipsticks, natural shades are also completely ideal.

Lipsticks for special events

For more upscale events such as weddings, galas, and industry parties, the balance between elegance and eye-catching makeup is key.

• In this case, your choice of lipstick should depend more on the rest of your makeup. For example, this is not the time to pair black smoky eyes with dark lips.

• If you want to look classy and sophisticated, a glossy, mauve pink will be well-balanced, or a brick shade can be deeper and the eye makeup can be more striking than usual but still subtle.

• Conversely, if you want to look glamorous, red lipstick is the most alluring shade out of all color choices.

• Nude lipsticks can truly be very suitable for special events, but the important thing is that it should be paired with slightly bolder eye makeup.


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