How to Detect and Remove Spyware on Your Smartphone

What if your phone had a spyware installed, and criminals would exploit it to collect your personal data for malicious purposes?


What is spyware software?

You have probably heard of spy devices used for various work purposes, crime investigation, etc. Similarly, spyware software is installed on mobile phones, allowing someone to remotely track and listen to your conversations through your phone.

Each type of spyware software will have different features, but they mainly have tracking features such as:

Call history (displaying incoming and outgoing phone numbers, date, and call duration). Text and multimedia messages (phone numbers and SMS content). Phone contacts. Internet browser (browsing history and bookmarks). Phone location. Phone photo library. Email downloaded to the phone.

For jailbroken iPhones or rooted Android phones, these spyware software can track even more, including:

Specific messaging apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype).

Phone conversations. Using the phone’s microphone to record everything around for eavesdropping.

This makes it easy for malicious individuals to gather information about you online and exploit it.

Signs that your phone may have spyware software installed

Rapid decrease in battery life

Over time, you will notice that your phone’s battery life is not as good as when you first bought it, which is normal. But if you notice a sudden drop in battery life, it is worth considering.

Spyware software on a phone can consume a lot of resources, running in the background, running GPS, and performing other tasks. So if you see your battery suddenly draining quickly when you are not using your phone, it is possible that your phone has spyware software installed.

Do you know how to detect and remove spyware software from your smartphone?

Check your data usage

Spyware software on your phone usually uses a lot of data to perform its actions. Do you notice any unusual signs in your data usage? If so, spyware software is likely the reason for this abnormality.

This is especially troublesome when you are using a data plan that is billed per day, or even with unlimited data plans, they often slow down after using a certain amount of data.

Sudden increase in phone temperature

There are many causes for this, such as using your phone for too long, charging with a low-quality charger, or background apps running. But if your phone becomes excessively hot, you should consider the possibility of spyware software being installed on your phone.

Strange sounds during phone calls

There are cases where poor call signals, signal loss, etc. can cause strange noises. However, if you regularly hear beeps, echoes, or white noise, it is advisable to check if there is spyware software, better safe than sorry.

The phone turns on/off automatically You have not touched or controlled the phone, but it turns on/off automatically unexpectedly? That may be a sign of spyware software on your phone.

Receiving multiple strange messages

Have you received strange messages with a series of unintelligible letters and numbers like a code? Cybercriminals often use them to communicate with the device and send it commands. For example, they may request your address by sending you a message with a pre-defined code.

How to remove spyware software from your phone?

What you need to do first is to check if your phone has been jailbroken (for iPhones) or rooted (for Android phones).

Once jailbroken or rooted, your phone can install software from outside the Google Play Store or AppStore. In this case, even the most strictly secure iPhone cannot handle it.

Software such as Cydia, Icy, Installer, Installous, and SBSettings… are commonly used tools to circumvent security. If you find any of these apps on your phone, it is likely that your phone has been compromised. You can find it on the home screen.

Manually search for spyware software

Typically, spyware apps do not use their real names and logos, but disguise themselves under another app, such as Notepad. Therefore, go to Settings >> select Apps and check each app for any unusual activities.

Reset your phone to its factory settings

Searching for spyware software can be time-consuming, so you can save time by restoring your phone to its factory settings. Note that you should back up important information before resetting to its factory settings.

Use antivirus apps

Antivirus software will protect your phone from external attacks, including spyware software. Therefore, install antivirus apps for your phone.

Protect your phone from spyware software

You should actively protect your phone by preventing strangers from using your phone, setting locks (screen lock, app lock), passcodes, fingerprints… and be careful with the settings on your device.

Having spyware software on your phone can cause many troubles and affect your life. Hopefully, this article will help you resolve your issue.

Source: VTC News