How to Prevent Weight Gain When Grocery Shopping

To avoid falling victim to pickpockets while shopping, housewives should remember these useful tips to prevent loss or theft.


Getting cheated when buying at the market is a common thing for many consumers. Sometimes, even though they are sure the goods are not enough, not every buyer knows how to prove it, and the reality is that most people close their eyes to avoid trouble because they think the amount is not worth it.

However, the dishonesty in selling goods makes many people upset and annoyed. Some ways to prevent cheating when shopping at the market have been thought up by housewives and they whisper to each other to cope with this deception.

Tips for preventing cheating when shopping at the market

The following measures are all very simple that anyone can do, while the effectiveness is high.

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There are many ways to prevent cheating when shopping at the market. (Illustrative image: To Quoc Newspaper)

Use a bottle of water to balance the evidence

Many people complain that when buying specialties or seafood at tourist spots, they are often weighed significantly less, sometimes losing 200 – 300 grams for each unit. The prices of specialties are usually high, so when being weighed less, the customer’s loss is not small.  

Therefore, before going to the market to buy expensive specialties, many tourists bring a 500ml bottle of water (equivalent to 0.5kg) to balance the evidence. Just place the bottle on the seller’s scale and see the number displayed by the scale, they can immediately know if this seller cheats or not, how much the deviation is to accurately calculate the amount of money.

Carrying a bottle of water in the car trunk, handbag is not only a way to prevent cheating when shopping at the market, many women also see it as a “two-in-one” solution, when needed, they can drink to quench their thirst.

Especially, when the family goes on a long trip by car, if purchasing high-value goods, you can use multiple bottles of water at once to avoid more weighing, larger deviations. For example, you can place 10 bottles of 500ml water on the scale to calibrate 5kg.

Weigh a personal belonging that is always carried

Instead of a bottle of water, you can weigh a few “personal” objects prepared in advance such as a bunch of car keys, a helmet, or a mobile phone to have a comparison basis with the seller’s scale.

Based on the weight of the pre-weighed objects at home, consumers can determine whether the seller’s scale is accurate or deviated, avoiding the situation of buying too little or too much. However, when purchasing, you should check the scale again, if still suspicious, you should take it to a trusted store to re-weigh.

Pour out the excess water on the food before weighing

Some foods are always soaked in water, which makes them weigh much more. Therefore, to buy goods with the correct weight when shopping at the market, housewives should pay attention to this point, remove excess water before weighing.  

Bring a compact scale

The simplest way to prevent cheating when shopping at the market is to buy a mini handheld scale. This type of scale is cheap, designed to be very compact, you can put it in your handbag, shopping basket, and carry it everywhere without worrying about weight or bulky.

If you suspect any item is underweighed, you can simply weigh it on the spot for the seller to see.

Shop at grocery stores, supermarkets

If you want to avoid cheating without having to bring items to compare or check, the safest and most reliable way is to go to the supermarket. The goods here are always packaged with the correct weight, so you don’t have to worry about being “ripped off” by the seller.

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