Quickly clean dirt in a high-speed pot

With this handy tip, you can quickly remove stubborn stains from the bottom of your super-fast blender.


Use baking soda

When you use a fast kettle for a while, you will notice white residue at the bottom of the kettle. You can use baking soda to remove these dirt. The way to do it is to add a small tablespoon of baking soda, then add water and boil for a few minutes and the residue can be removed all the dirt at the bottom of the kettle.

Use eggshells

When you use eggs, don’t throw away the discarded part because there will be times when you need to use them. When you see the bottom of the fast kettle dirty, you can break the eggshells, put them in the fast kettle. Then, pour about half of the water kettle, use a spoon to stir well, then cook for about half an hour. Then you can pour the eggshells out, clean them twice and you are done.

Use potato peels

When your fast kettle appears dirt, you can put potato peels into the fast kettle, pour enough water and then boil the fast kettle for 10-15 minutes, it will help remove all dirt and bring back the shiny look like new.

Use vinegar or lemon

How to clean dirt in the fast kettle instantly-1

When you use a fast kettle for a long time, it is often clogged with dirt at the bottom of the kettle. You can clean the kettle with vinegar or lemon because these two things clean the sediment at the bottom of the fast kettle very well.
The way to do it is very simple, just use vinegar or lemon is the simplest and most effective way. Then pour about 100 ml of vinegar or lemon juice into the kettle, then add about 1 liter of filtered water, then boil and let it cool for an hour. Then, just wash it normally.


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