Solving a Common Household Problem: Tossing an Onion in the Toilet

This tip is simple, practical, and cost-effective, yet not everyone knows how to apply it.


Onion is one of the common ingredients in the kitchen, not only tasty and used in many dishes such as stew, salad,… but also nutritious and good for health. However, many people only know that onion is an ingredient used to cook delicious food without knowing its many other uses.

Onion after peeling off the skin, finely chopped and soaked in clean water can solve many problems in the house. Here are some uses of onion water.

Cleaning the bathroom

Onion can also be used as a helpful aid to clean the bathroom. After soaking the onion in water, the water will have an onion smell. Use this water to pour around the toilet bowl and scrub with a brush, then flush the water and the toilet bowl will be clean and shiny.

You can also add a little vinegar when soaking the onion in water. This water can help eliminate the odor of the toilet bowl and bathroom effectively.

Getting rid of the new house smell

When moving into a new house or buying new furniture, your house often has a strong smell that makes people uncomfortable. At this time, you can place cut onions in different corners of the room, after a few days, you will find that the smell has completely disappeared.

This is because the small chopped onions have a strong smell, which can effectively cover up the odor. However, it should be noted that this method can only temporarily eliminate the characteristic odor and cannot truly eliminate harmful substances in the air. Therefore, in addition to using onions, you also need to keep the room well-ventilated to truly remove harmful gases.

Getting rid of refrigerator odor

In the refrigerator, there is often a unpleasant odor due to the mixture of odors from different types of food. Placing a small bowl of onion water or a bowl of white vinegar soaked with onions in it can effectively eliminate the odor in the refrigerator.

Repelling insects

You can also use onions as a type of insect repellent. Onions have a pungent smell that makes insects like flies, mosquitoes, and roaches uncomfortable. Once they smell this scent, they won’t dare to come close.

Therefore, you can place some chopped onions in various corners of the house, near the windowsills, or near the bed to ward off insects.

Eliminating bacteria and pests harmful to plants

Chop the onions finely and soak them in water at a ratio of 1:50, after about 1 day, you can use it. Pour the onion water into a spray bottle and spray the solution evenly on the entire plant to kill fungi and insects. Moreover, this solution can also prevent the development of diseases, help the plants grow well, and prevent them from turning yellow due to pest attacks.

In addition, onion water can also be used as a homemade root hormone or diluted to water the plants.

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