Spring 2016 Beauty Trends to Look Out For

This year's spring beauty trends are all about embracing bold, uncomplicated colors for a timeless and natural look.


In the spring, many girls choose to change their appearance after the hot summer days and the gloomy atmosphere of winter. This season’s beauty trend emphasizes bold yet simple colors.


In previous years, girls often gravitated towards the familiar colors of brown and smoky when looking to enhance their beautiful eyes. However, this year, the color blue is set to take center stage, with its unique appeal and alluring charm.


Blue eye shadow is a versatile choice for all skin types. Individuals with fair skin can opt for light and clear blue shades to enhance their natural features. On the other hand, those with yellow or dark skin can select dark blue or purple tones to complement their complexion, adding an element of allure and allure.


Bold lipstick is a highly anticipated makeup trend for the upcoming spring season. Its allure, attractiveness, and suitability for evening parties make it a must-have. Spring 2016 specifically favors red tones such as bright red, orange-red, oxblood red, and burgundy red, adding a youthful and fresh touch to girls during the approaching Tet holiday.


Spring 2016 brings a festive atmosphere, urging sparkling eye makeup to steal the show. While smoky eyes have dominated the past, now it’s time for shimmering eyes to take center stage, allowing women to radiate and capture attention in any crowd.

Achieve a captivating and radiant look with just a few simple steps. Firstly, use nude eyeliner to enhance your eyes. Next, apply a layer of shimmering powder for added radiance. Lastly, curl and thicken your lashes using mascara.

Wavy hair, known for its soft and alluring appeal, has always been a beloved hairstyle among women and remains timeless. In particular, the middle-part wavy hair is anticipated to gain significant popularity in 2016.

This hairstyle is low-maintenance and versatile, pairing seamlessly with any ensemble. To achieve the look, work with slightly damp hair, using your fingers to wrap small sections and either air drying or using a gentle hairdryer for effortless waves.


Copper hair color is a popular trend in the winter season, and it is predicted to remain fashionable in spring 2016. Known for its strong personality and fashionable vibe, red hair color is ideal for adding a fresh and warm appearance to girls in the humid weather of spring. Say goodbye to gloom and embrace a stylish look with copper hair color.


Dark brown is a beloved hair color among girls due to its inherent femininity and gentleness, along with its effortless pairing with wavy hair. The combination of dark brown hair and its charming waves makes it the ideal choice for the vibrant spring season ahead.


Nail care is an important aspect of beauty for many women, especially as we head into the spring season. Alongside makeup and hair trends, the cut-out nail design has emerged as a popular and modern choice. This innovative nail painting style offers a fresh and unique look for those who enjoy staying on top of trends. By incorporating delicate and intricate cut-out shapes, this design creates a distinctive aesthetic and allows for individual expression.


Neutral tones are gaining popularity during the winter and spring seasons for their soft and charming effect on the hands. While summer is traditionally associated with vibrant nail colors, these subtle and muted shades are currently causing a sensation.

During the holiday season this year, we predict that girls will favor coral and nude nail shades due to their delicate, elegant, and sophisticated appeal.

Transform your look this Lunar New Year with affordable and effective beauty techniques. Be the talk of the town as you effortlessly captivate the attention of others.

Source: Công Luận

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