“The Ultimate Solution to Remove Stubborn Stains on White Clothes – Get them as Good as New!”

To effectively remove stubborn stains on clothing, using just soap is often not enough. If you encounter such a stain, consider the following methods to ensure complete cleanliness.


White clothes are essential in everyone’s wardrobe. Although they are versatile and can be worn in various situations, they are prone to getting dirty. Especially if not washed promptly after use, white clothes can become stained and discolored.

For small and fresh stains, you can wash them by hand with soap to remove the dirt. However, for long-standing stains or mold, using regular laundry detergent may not completely clean them.

To deal with these stains, you need to use some additional ingredients.

Using lemon juice

Cut lemons in half and rub them directly on the mold spots. Take the clothes out in the sun for a few hours. The heat from the sun will help the lemon juice dissolve the mold stains and make it easier to remove them. Then you can wash the clothes with soap as usual.

Using vinegar

Mix vinegar with water in a ratio of 2:1 and bring it to a boil. Then soak the moldy clothes with black spots in the hot vinegar solution for 30 minutes before washing. By doing so, the white clothes will be clean and bright as new.

Using hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent that can be used to remove stains from clothes.

Put some hydrogen peroxide in a bowl of water and stir well. Soak the dirty clothes in the hydrogen peroxide solution for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare 3-4 lemons. Squeeze the lemon juice and add it to a bowl of clean water.

Take the clothes out of the hydrogen peroxide solution, squeeze out the water, and then soak them in the bowl of lemon water. At this point, the clothes stained with hydrogen peroxide will be thoroughly cleaned and bright again.

Using bleach

You can use bleach in powder or liquid form. If it is in powder form, dissolve it in water and soak the clothes for about 20-30 minutes.

For liquid bleach, take a cloth or cotton swab, dip it in the bleach, and then apply it directly to the mold spots. Wait a few minutes for the bleach to penetrate deep into the fabric and soften the mold stains.

Then, wash the clothes again and hang them to dry as usual.

Using stain remover

For large or long-standing mold stains, it is best to use a stain remover for optimal results. Mix the stain remover with water according to the instructions on the product packaging. Soak the clothes that need to be cleaned in it, then wash them again and hang them to dry.

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