Tips from an expert for keeping your nails shiny and healthy

There is nothing more important than my nail time! This is a familiar saying for many beauty-loving women around the world.

Beautiful nail is a sign of women’s health. Many women constantly change nail styles, materials, and colors but forget to take care of their nail health, which leads to yellow and brittle nails.
To have beautiful nails, you don’t have to go to a nail salon every month and spend money on the service. You can do it yourself at home.
One of the famous nail experts is Tom Bachik, who specializes in taking care of famous women like Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stephanie, Beyonce… He provides some practical and useful advice on how to create effective and long-lasting nails according to Stylist Lady.

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How does nail biting harm you?

Nail biting can be a sign of emotional imbalance, according to research in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (AJODO).
Avoid cutting the cuticles. Tom advises you to take care of them properly, the simplest way is to clean them when you are bathing, the skin is softened and soap helps separate the cuticle layers.
When you regularly go to a salon to cut the skin around the nail edges, you create a habit for the skin, the more you cut, the faster the new layer of skin appears, just like waxing hair on your arms and legs, the more you shave, the faster the hair grows, becomes hard and thick, making you unable to stop.
Do not soak your nails before polishing. This weakens the nails, not to mention that after soaking, a hairdryer is used to keep the gel layer on the nail surface longer, causing serious damage to nail health.

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Nail reveals your health

(TNO) Women like to decorate their nails with polish and nail stickers. Although they spend hours in spas and nail art salons to have perfect nails, few really care to understand the meaning of nails.
Before applying oil-based polish, you should dip a cotton swab into salt water and then dip it into acetone solution, wipe it on the surface to provide initial protection, let it dry, and then proceed to polish.
Apply a base coat, followed by a color coat. Don’t shake the bottle before use because it will fill the air inside and create air bubbles that can damage your nails. It will be much more effective if you rub the nail polish bottle against the palm of your hand.
Before applying another layer of polish, make sure the base coat is completely dry. The top coat dries faster than the color coat, and if you use them while the base coat is still wet, it will dry the oil-based surface but then easily become blur or dents under air pressure.
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