Tips to Eliminate the Odor of Pork

If you happen to buy pork that has a foul smell, apply the simplest tips below to eliminate the odor, enhancing the deliciousness of your dish.


The pork bought may not be fresh and may have an unpleasant odor, directly affecting the taste and quality of the dish. Therefore, housewives should remember some tips to eliminate the unpleasant odor of pork below and apply them immediately if they are experiencing this situation.

Pork and pork bones

If you buy this type of meat or bones, you should boil them in boiling water for about 3 minutes then discard the water, rinse the meat or bones and then continue processing them into other dishes.

When cooking boiled meat, you can add a crushed onion to the meat, the onion will help eliminate the odor well. In addition, after boiling the meat, you can add a few drops of white wine and then remove it to drain, the meat will no longer have an unpleasant odor and the food will be delicious. Skimming the foam regularly also helps to clean the meat.

Furthermore, if you want to keep the meat white after removing it and leaving it in the air, you can cook a pot of water with a little vinegar and a little salt, wait for the water to boil and then put the meat in. Let it boil for about 3 minutes then pour out the water and rinse the meat thoroughly. Or cook another pot of boiling water and put the meat in to cook until cooked after blanching the meat with boiling water.

To see if the meat is cooked or not, it is simple, you just need to skewer a chopstick through the meat and if you don’t see pink water flowing from the meat, it means the meat is cooked.

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Tips to eliminate the odor of pork.

Tips to eliminate the odor of frozen meat

Use dried onions and ginger

To eliminate the odor of frozen pork, first of all, prepare a pot of water with enough water to cook the meat. Next, add one to two tablespoons of salt, two dried onions that have been peeled, and a piece of ginger that has been crushed and turn on a large heat.

Wait until the water boils until the essential oil from the dried onions and ginger is released and dissolved in the water. At this time, put the pork in and blanch for about 2 minutes, then remove and rinse under cold water to tighten them. To drain the meat, housewives can proceed to process the food as usual.

Use lemon and vinegar

Another method to effectively eliminate the odor of frozen pork is to use a mixture of lemon and vinegar.

First of all, thaw the meat for at least 8 hours. Meanwhile, prepare a mixture of the juice from two lemons, two tablespoons of salt, and three tablespoons of vinegar.

When the meat is thawed, put on gloves and rub the meat evenly with the mixture for 2 – 3 minutes and then let it marinate for about 10 – 15 minutes. After that, rinse with clean water so that you can cook the food with a delicious taste.

Tips to eliminate the odor of pork liver

Cut the liver in half lengthwise, use a knife to slice off the inner fat, clean the liver so that it does not smell.

Wash the pork liver with a little salt water, then put the washed liver into a bowl of cold water with a little salt and ginger to make it crispy and effectively eliminate the odor (you can replace alcohol and ginger with vinegar), soak for about 10 minutes and then remove to drain. At this point, you can leave the liver intact to boil or slice it thinly for stir-frying, cooking.

Tips to eliminate the odor of wild pork

First, pour boiling water directly onto the entire skin and use a knife to scrape off the fur as well as dirt, then rinse thoroughly. Next, use salt to rub the whole piece of meat, leave it for 15 minutes, then rinse again to clean it.

After that, put the meat into a pot of boiling water, cook for about 3 minutes. In this blanching water, add a little white wine and a few crushed onions. After blanching for 3 minutes, take it out, rinse it again, and cook it according to your desired method.

Tips to eliminate the odor of male pork

For some male pigs, the meat is usually more odorous. If you accidentally buy male pork (boar), you should wash it with salt or alcohol. Then, grill the pork over charcoal until the outside is golden and cooked to about 60 – 70%. Then cook, but you should cook it in a strong way so that spices such as galangal, lemongrass, shrimp paste, fermented rice, and five-spice powder… can cover the odor of boar pork.

Tips to eliminate the odor of female pork

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