Tofu: Avoid These 3 Types When Shopping

We often buy beans based on our instincts without thoroughly examining and selecting the best ones. Here are 3 amazing tips to help you determine if the beans you're buying are nutritious or not!


Tofu is one of the familiar dishes that often appear on the dining table of many Vietnamese families. The price of each tofu package ranges from about 2 to 3 thousand dong, but it can provide us with a significant amount of protein, iron, calcium, and other essential nutrients. However, tofu is not something that can be stored for a long time, especially when the sellers cannot sell all of it on the same day and keep it for sale the next day. Therefore, we need to be mindful when choosing to buy this type of food.

There are three easy-to-spot signs when buying tofu that, if noticed, you should avoid buying these packages, absolutely.

1. Tofu is too white

Don’t think that the whiter the tofu, the more nutritious it is, because sometimes, it is the type of tofu that has added additives to maintain its fresh color. You should remember that tofu is made from a mixture of water and soybeans, so when it becomes a finished product, they will have a slightly pale yellow color.

With those bright white tofu pieces, these are the type of tofu that may have added chemicals. If consumed regularly, it can be harmful to our health in the long run.

2. Tofu has a sour smell

Tofu, when produced, will have a slight soybean smell and usually has a short shelf life. Tofu packages left for an extended period, from 2 days or more, can emit a strong sour smell after a long fermentation process. When buying tofu, if you smell a sour odor, it is best not to buy it because this is a package of tofu that has been stored for too long and may be spoiled on the inside.

3. Tofu feels hard and sticky

Since soybeans are rich in protein, fresh tofu packages should feel soft and have elasticity. In case you touch these packages of tofu and feel that they are too hard, slightly sticky, and lack elasticity, you should absolutely not buy them. Instead, you should choose tofu that is moist, soft, looks smooth, and does not give a sticky feeling when touched.


According to Tổ quốc

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Tofu has a short shelf life and doesn’t last long, especially if not stored properly. When buying tofu, avoid packages with these signs:

  1. An unusually bright white color, which could indicate the presence of additives to maintain freshness.
  2. A strong sour smell, which suggests the tofu has undergone prolonged fermentation and is likely spoiled.
  3. A hard and sticky texture, deviating from the soft and elastic feel of fresh tofu, indicating possible deterioration.

Regular consumption of tofu with added chemicals can be detrimental to health over time. The presence of additives and the prolonged fermentation process may lead to potential health risks, especially if the tofu is spoiled or consumed in large quantities.

When purchasing tofu, opt for packages that feel moist and soft, with a smooth appearance. The tofu should have a slight soybean smell and a slightly pale yellow color. Avoid tofu that is too white, has a sour smell, or feels hard and sticky, as these are signs of potential spoilage or the presence of additives.
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