What is the optimal phone battery charging percentage?

Charging our phones is a daily task, but knowing the ideal percentage to charge to in order to preserve battery life is not something everyone is aware of.


When using mobile phones on a daily basis, we often encounter the problem of mobile phone battery consumption being faster than before, requiring frequent charging.

In addition to possible issues with battery quality and phone usage habits, improper charging methods also have a significant impact on the lifespan of the battery.

Incorrect charging methods can damage the battery, resulting in reduced battery performance or even fire and explosion.

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What percentage is the best for charging the battery?

Modern smartphones mainly use lithium-ion batteries as a source of energy. These batteries have the advantages of high energy density and low self-discharge rate.

However, overcharging, over-discharging, and charging in high-temperature environments can negatively affect the performance and lifespan of the battery.

Therefore, you should avoid fully charging the phone battery to 100%, especially in high-temperature environments. Regularly plugging in/unplugging the charger, charging intermittently, and not fully charging the battery will be beneficial for the battery.

According to experts, charging the battery to a range of 50%-80% is the most reasonable.

Mistakes when charging the battery 

Firstly, using non-genuine chargers and cables. You should avoid using non-genuine chargers and cables.

Mobile phone manufacturers provide genuine chargers because these devices can provide the appropriate voltage and current to protect the battery from damage.

Using different chargers can cause the phone to charge for too long and affect the battery’s lifespan.

Secondly, the habit of charging the phone overnight. Many people use their phones before going to bed and when the battery is low, they often leave it charging overnight and unplug it in the morning.

Although smart phone batteries will automatically cut off power when fully charged, such frequent charging and power on/off actions can still cause significant damage to the mobile phone battery.

Thirdly, using the phone while it’s charging. Most people have the habit of using their phones while it’s charging. However, this behavior causes significant damage to the phone battery.

When you use your phone while it’s charging, a lot of heat will be generated as the battery needs to supply energy to the phone. Excessive heat can damage the internal structure of the battery and reduce its lifespan.

Additionally, high temperatures can also reduce the chemical reaction rate of the battery, leading to a decrease in the battery’s energy storage capacity, and even damage the phone, making it prone to fire and explosion.


According to VTC

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