Why you shouldn’t choose a hotel room at the end of the hallway

The last rooms down the hall in hotels may have some issues that can affect your stay experience.


Reasons not to choose a hotel room at the end of the hallway

There are quite a few hotels nowadays that are designed inconsistently between rooms. They build the floor plan first and then design the layout and structure of each room. Therefore, the better rooms are usually in the middle, and the less desirable rooms are located towards the hallway. This can happen when there is not enough or too much space compared to the floor plan.

This is what causes the last rooms or the rooms in hidden corners to have an adjusted layout to make use of the space in a excessive manner, which makes it difficult to follow the standard compared to other rooms. Not to mention, these rooms may be adjacent to hotel service areas such as laundry or drying areas, which takes away the tranquility. Furthermore, in hotels without central air conditioning, there may be multiple air conditioner units hanging on the outside wall, affecting the air quality in the room.

In addition, rooms at the end of the hallway may have weaker WiFi signals. Nowadays, the WiFi modules used in hotels are installed within the TV compartments and room partitions. Therefore, in theory, all rooms will have good wireless signals. However, some hotels do not use this method, but instead directly install a master WiFi module on the ceiling of the hallway to save costs. With this approach, the WiFi signal in rooms at the end of the hallway will be extremely weak due to the distance from the module.

Moreover, many hotels nowadays have a structure where elevators and stairways are located in the middle of each floor. This will make it much more inconvenient to stay in rooms at the end of the hallway compared to rooms in the middle.

Furthermore, the rooms at the end of the hallway are usually the furthest from the emergency exits. If unfortunate events such as fires, earthquakes occur, guests staying in rooms at the end of the hallway will have more difficulty escaping compared to other rooms.

When choosing a hotel room, you should also be aware to avoid rooms with strange smells or abnormal occurrences. Rooms with strange smells or abnormal occurrences such as noises, strange sounds can cause discomfort and affect your experience. You should request to change to another room if you encounter these issues.

Note that choosing a hotel room is an important part of ensuring a good staying experience. Consult with hotel staff, read reviews from previous customers, and always ask questions to hotel staff if you have any concerns.

Things to do immediately when entering a hotel room

To have a safe and comfortable vacation, don’t forget to do the following as soon as you enter the hotel room:

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-Check the mattress or bed: You might think that bugs like bedbugs, cockroaches… only exist in budget hotels, but in reality, even luxury hotels are not exempt. These bugs can enter hotels through personal belongings or clothes of travelers. Therefore, after receiving the hotel room, the first thing to do is to check the bed. You should check under the mattress, under the pillows to see if there are any foreign objects or unusual creatures.

-Disinfect essential items: Another important step is to quickly clean the items that you frequently touch, such as door handles, wardrobe handles, and TV remote controls.

A study has shown that TV remote controls are among the dirtiest items found in hotel rooms. Try to use antibacterial wipes to clean those surfaces or use some alcohol and wipe with a paper towel.

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-Check the room lock and key card: When checking in, remember to check if your hotel room key card is working and, more importantly, figure out how they work (usually there are instructions provided). Also, find out how to properly lock the door, check if the lock is faulty. Test the door lock both when you are out and inside the room for maximum safety.

-Lock windows and balcony doors: If you have young children, don’t forget to lock the windows and balcony doors, especially if your room is located on a high floor. Children are often curious, so this is a way to protect them from potential risks. For adults, this is also a way to ensure that no one can invade your privacy.

-Check if the bathroom has enough amenities: This is one of the first things every traveler should do after entering a hotel room. Look at your bathroom and see if it is equipped with essential items like toilet paper, towels, etc.

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-Make sure the phone in the room is working: Ensure that the connection and your phone in the room are functioning properly. Any communication with the front desk should be perfect, in case of emergencies or if you need room service, late-night meals.

-Make sure there are no hidden cameras: Although not very common in hotels, the risk of hidden cameras still exists. Look around your room, search for strange electronic devices or anything suspicious.

-Clean all the glasses in the room: Not every cup or glass in the room is as clean as you think they are. Take the initiative to wash all the glass cups with hot water and soap before using them. This will help you avoid bacteria and germs entering your body.

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