10 Best Travel-Friendly Beauty Products to Pack for Tet Holiday

Do you want to look stunning while having fun on your Tet travels? Don't worry - Dien May XANH has got you covered! Get ready to go through our list of 10 essential beauty items to make sure you look your best during your journey.


1 Cosmetics

Here are the essential cosmetics for your travels:

Type Uses Note
Makeup Helps increase confidence, conceal imperfections, and create a radiant face. It also lets you express your own style and grab attention. Choose makeup products in sets for compact and complete carrying.
Sunscreen Protects skin from UV rays and prevents sunburn. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside for proper effectiveness.
Perfume/Bodymist Keeps you smelling fresh during outdoor activities. Bring a small size to save space and comply with airline regulations.
Cleansing Cleans dirt and removes makeup after a long day out. Carry a small size for convenience.
Cleanser Provides deep cleansing for the face. An important facial cleanser to have.
Skin care set (serum, cream, …) Nourishes the skin to keep it healthy despite wearing makeup and exposure to outdoor dirt. Bring a small size to lighten the suitcase.
Dry shampoo Cleans and adds volume to hair without water. Use only on the upper part (hairline) to avoid stiffening the entire hair.

Cosmetics indispensable in travel

2 Skin care devices

When traveling, it is important to bring the following skin care devices to maintain and protect your facial skin:

Face washing machine

A device that helps deeply cleanse the face, remove oil, dirt, and massage the face. It helps shrink pores and prevent acne formation.

Store the device in a box or cloth bag to keep it clean and protected from damage. Ensure the device is fully charged for uninterrupted use.

Face nebulizer

Moisturizes the skin effectively, making it suitable for cold and dry climates. Use it anytime your skin feels dry, oily, or when your makeup starts to fade.

The machine is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry during your travels.

Face nebulizer

Hair styler, electric comb

Helps create various hairstyles such as straightening, curling, and stamping to enhance your appearance during the journey. Choose a compact hair styler for easy carrying.

K.SKIN hair styler KD3886A

In addition to a hair styler, you can consider bringing a versatile hairbrush with similar functions.

Above are some handy beauty items to bring when traveling during Tet. We hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and loved ones!

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