3 Effective Rice Bran Whitening Methods, Achieve Brighter and More Even Skin Tone

Not only is rice bran a nutritious food, but the nutrients in it can also effectively prevent diseases.


The benefits of rice bran powder in beauty

Treating acne

Rice bran powder is a common ingredient used to treat acne because it contains vitamins B1, E. These vitamins help treat acne, increase collagen production, regenerate cells, fight bacteria, reduce inflammation, and shrink pimples.

Minimizing and unclogging pores

When the skin is healthy, it is easier to eliminate dirt and excess oil. As a result, the skin will become clear, well-hydrated, and the pores will be noticeably more refined.

Preventing melasma and dark spots

Rice bran powder contains high levels of nutrients, including vitamin B1, which helps prevent the formation of melanin (the cause of melasma). The lipid content in rice bran powder has antioxidant properties that protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Hair care

Vitamins A and C make the hair shiny, while vitamin B helps darken the pigment cells, resulting in darker hair. Rice bran powder can be used as a daily shampoo to promote strong, shiny, and dandruff-free hair.

Skin whitening

Rice bran powder contains a mild exfoliating agent that helps remove dead skin cells and control skin pigmentation.

Precautions when using rice bran powder for beauty

– When using rice bran powder for skin care, make sure it is clean and free from rice husk to avoid itching.

– Before applying a rice bran powder mask with other natural ingredients, perform a patch test on the neck for 30 minutes to check for any adverse reactions.

– Store rice bran powder in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Stop using if the powder becomes lumpy or moldy.

Beauty recipes with rice bran powder

1. Rice bran powder and fresh orange juice


– 1 orange

– 50ml unsweetened fresh milk

– 50g rice bran powder

– Bowl and spoon.


– Cut the orange in half and squeeze out the juice, removing the seeds.

– In a small bowl, mix the rice bran powder and fresh milk with the orange juice.

2. Honey and green tea bag


  • Rice bran powder
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • Green tea bag


Mix two tablespoons of rice bran powder and two tablespoons of pure honey together, then add some water from the green tea bag to create a smooth paste. Apply it to the skin, relax for about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer.

3. Rice bran powder and unsweetened yogurt

Yogurt moisturizes and has antibacterial properties for the skin. It also cleanses, exfoliates, and helps brighten the skin effectively.


½ container of unsweetened yogurt and about 3 tablespoons of rice bran powder.

Mix the unsweetened yogurt with rice bran powder to create a smooth paste. Apply it to the clean face, relax for about 15 minutes, and rinse with warm water. This recipe can also be applied to the neck and body for overall skin whitening.

Frequently asked questions

Rice bran powder is an excellent source of vitamins B1 and E, which are known to treat acne. These vitamins also possess anti-inflammatory properties, reduce pimples, and fight bacteria associated with acne.

Yes, by maintaining healthy skin, rice bran powder makes it easier to eliminate dirt and excess oil. This, in turn, leads to clearer, well-hydrated skin and noticeably refined pores.

Rice bran powder is rich in vitamin B1, which inhibits the formation of melanin—the primary cause of melasma. Additionally, the antioxidant properties of its lipid content protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, further preventing dark spots and skin discoloration.

Rice bran powder contains vitamins A and C, which add shine to hair. It also has vitamin B, which helps darken pigment cells, resulting in darker hair. Using rice bran powder as a shampoo promotes strong, shiny, and dandruff-free hair.

Yes, rice bran powder contains a mild exfoliating agent that helps remove dead skin cells and control skin pigmentation, leading to brighter and more even-toned skin.

Yes, it is important to ensure that the rice bran powder is clean and free from rice husk to prevent itching. Always perform a patch test before applying a rice bran powder mask, especially when combining it with other natural ingredients. Store the powder in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and discontinue use if it becomes lumpy or moldy.

1. Mix rice bran powder with fresh orange juice and unsweetened fresh milk for a brightening and nourishing face mask.
2. Combine rice bran powder, honey, and green tea for a soothing and hydrating face mask.
3. Create a paste with rice bran powder and unsweetened yogurt to moisturize and exfoliate the skin, helping to brighten and whiten.
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