4 Essential Tips for Cleansing Your Skin without Drying It Out

Below are some notes on choosing a facial cleanser that ensures skin safety.


Regardless of the season, cleansing with a facial cleanser is the first step we need to focus on. Choosing a facial cleanser for the summer is not a simple task. In the summer, it is important to prioritize products that have deep cleansing abilities with fewer moisturizing ingredients. Here are some tips for choosing a facial cleanser that is safe for the skin.

Gentle Facial Cleanser with Balanced pH

In hot summer weather, the skin is prone to irritation, so it is recommended to choose gentle cleansing products that cleanse without drying out the skin. You should focus on products that contain less alcohol, rich in natural extracts, and have a balanced pH to help cleanse the skin while maintaining its moisture.

Avoid Using Daily Scrub Cleansers

Many facial cleansers are supplemented with scrub particles to exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin. However, you should avoid using these products daily as they can cause thinning of the skin and premature aging.

Choose a Facial Cleanser for Your Skin Type

Each skin type requires different care, so it is important to choose a facial cleanser that suits your skin. You should prioritize moisturizing cleansers; for oily skin, choose oil-free cleansers that deeply cleanse the pores; for sensitive skin, choose products that support skin barrier repair…

To determine if a facial cleanser is suitable for you, after cleansing and drying your face, touch your skin with clean hands. If your skin feels smooth and soft, then it is a great fit for your skin. Conversely, if you have dry skin, and it feels tight after cleansing, then the product may not be moisturizing enough.

Similarly, for those with oily skin, it is also not recommended to over-dry the skin. This means that the natural oil layer on the skin has been completely “wiped away,” and the skin’s natural protective barrier is also gone. As a result, your skin will quickly become oily again.

Use 2 Types of Facial Cleansers for Morning and Night

In the morning, our skin is relatively clean, so gentle cleansing is sufficient. However, in the evening, after a long day of exposure to dirt and dust, you will need products with deeper cleansing abilities.

You should have two types of facial cleansers for morning and night. One gentle cleanser for the morning, and one deep cleanser that can also serve as a makeup remover for the evening.

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