Create Your Own Pomelo Essential Oil: An Affordable and Safe Option for Home Production

Be tantalized by the mildly fragrant, translucent white petals of the beautiful pomelo flower. Their extract has been used to create the exquisite essential oil, pomelo flower essential oil, giving all those who use it a truly indulgent experience.


Grapefruit essential oil is a type of herbal medicine that offers various health and beauty benefits. In this guide, we will learn how to make grapefruit essential oil at home, which is both cost-effective and safe.

Grapefruit essential oil

20 minutes

60 minutes

2 – 3 people

1 Ingredients for making grapefruit essential oil

Ingredients for making grapefruit essential oilIngredients for making grapefruit essential oil

  • 300g of grapefruit flowers
  • Tools: Pot, bowl, plate, glass jar, basin, etc.

Tips for choosing fragrant grapefruit flowers:
– Prefer newly blooming flowers that are fresh, have a white inner color, firm, and have large sepals with a distinct fragrance.
– Avoid flowers with overly curved petals, wilted flowers, or crushed flowers.
– Do not choose flowers on rainy days as the petals may be crushed and filled with water, causing the fragrance to diminish.
– If possible, choose grapefruit flowers that are picked early in the morning for the strongest fragrance.

2 How to process grapefruit essential oil

Step 1 Prepare grapefruit flowers

Prepare grapefruit flowersPrepare grapefruit flowers

After purchasing grapefruit flowers, remove the petals immediately and discard the leaves, stems, and stamens. Avoid letting the flowers wither and turn brown. Rinse the petals with water and let them dry.

Step 2 Steam the grapefruit essential oil

Steam the grapefruit essential oilSteam the grapefruit essential oil

Start by placing a small bowl in the middle of a pot and spreading the grapefruit flowers around it.

Add 500ml of water to the pot, enough to almost cover the surface of the flowers. Place a glass plate on top of the bowl and cover the pot with the lid, upside down. Heat the pot over medium heat.

Step 3 Condense the grapefruit essential oil

Condense the grapefruit essential oilCondense the grapefruit essential oil

As the water in the pot reaches boiling point, place ice on the lid of the pot.

The essential oil will evaporate and condense upon encountering the cold ice, and then drip down into the bowl placed in the middle of the pot.

Allow the collected essential oil to cool down and transfer it to a glass jar. Store it in a dry, well-ventilated place and use it as needed.

3 The finished product

The finished productThe finished product

Once the grapefruit essential oil is ready, it will have a slightly opaque white color and a distinctive fragrance of grapefruit flowers. You can use the essential oil for various purposes, including cooking and beauty treatments.

4 How to store grapefruit essential oil

  • Store the essential oil away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid using containers with rubber caps or buttons, as they can cause the scent to dissipate. Instead, use plastic caps or small dropper caps.
  • Allow the grapefruit essential oil to cool down before transferring it into a glass jar and storing it in the refrigerator. The recommended usage period is 7-10 days, as the fragrance may significantly decrease after that time.

How to store grapefruit essential oilHow to store grapefruit essential oil

5 Some uses of grapefruit essential oil

  • Relieve indigestion and chest discomfort
  • Relieve symptoms of alcohol, cold, and flu, and promote mental clarity
  • Incorporate grapefruit essential oil into massage oil to help dissolve fat, nourish the skin, and combat aging
  • Stimulate hair growth, making the hair longer and silkier, and effectively prevent hair loss
  • Add fragrance to tea and pastries, and use in dessert recipes
  • Use as a fragrance ingredient in cosmetics

Stimulate hair growth, make hair longerStimulate hair growth, make hair longer

In conclusion, we have shared a safe and effective method for making grapefruit essential oil at home. We hope you successfully try this recipe!

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