7 Remedies from Cana Fruit – Find Out What Cana Is and Its Uses

Dive into the valuable health benefits and unexpected uses of Ca na with Dien May XANH! This small, sour fruit from the West has become a favorite among many people despite its minimal economic value. Discover the hidden gems of Ca na today!


1. What is Cana? Origin of the fruit

Ca na is also known as Canarium fruit (Northern region), cockroach fruit, fruit stick… It is a type of tree belonging to the Tram genus. There are two types of fillings: white fillings (Canarium album Raeusch) and black fillings (Canarium nigrum Engl). Cannabis is a white filling.

Cà na là gì? Nguồn gốc trái cà na

In the past, cana was considered a wild plant because it grows wild in the saline soils of the West. Ca na is usually harvested around July (around August of the lunar calendar). The fruit has a pointed oval shape, 3 cm long. Old fruit has a dark green color, acrid taste, while ripe fruit has a light green color and a sour taste.

2. The great uses of the tomato fruit

Although ‘small’ but has ‘martial arts’, cana is not only a fun fruit, but it also brings great benefits to our health.

According to Eastern medicine, cana fruit has a sweet and sour taste, acrid, mild nature, non-toxic, in 2 channels of waste and taste (lungs and stomach).

The use of canna fruit is recorded in many medical books such as ‘Manuscripts of materials’ or ‘Japanese manuscripts’.

Những bài thuốc quý của trái cà na

Some of the surprising uses of cana fruit can be mentioned below:

  • Used to treat swelling of the pharynx, swollen tonsils, a lot of cough
  • Fresh green cana fruit can be used to detoxify alcohol, treat poisoning caused by poisonous fish, striped fish.
  • Ripe fruits have sedative effects, treat epilepsy.
  • Canna seed kernels have the effect of treating worms and bone loss.
  • Canna tree bark is used to treat paint allergies, toothache.
  • Canna tree resin is distilled to get essential oils used in the preparation of perfumes, soaps,…

Besides, it also contains high levels of nutrients for the body such as high calcium, iron, vitamin C.

Some substances such as thymol, P-cymene, nerol, geraniol, S-cadinene, B-caryophyllene, a-copaene, elemol, …

Therefore, it is very suitable for young children, pregnant women and middle-aged people with weakened bodies.

However, too much of anything is not necessarily a good thing. In order to make the most of the benefits of the fruit, you need to learn carefully about the processing method as well as the right amount of intake.

3. Precious remedies of cana fruit

According to information gathered from the Vietnam Medicinal Association website, cana is also one of the medicinal herbs for traditional remedies to help treat a number of diseases.

Những bài thuốc quý của trái cà na

Cure dry neck, cough, insomnia

Use day 20 – 30 canna (seedless) smashed to cook drinking water. You can add ginger, sugar or honey to drink.

Cure high fever, dry mouth, thirst

Clean the cana, remove the stem, then crush the cana fruit and squeeze it to drink water every day.

Hoarseness in the neck

Fresh cassava 4 fruits, seeded, crushed with 10g sliced ginseng. Put in an earthen pot filled with water, cook and drink. Has the effect of Yin, reducing fire, benefiting the pharynx, clearing heat, detoxification, and emphysema.

Treatment of bloody dysentery

Canna and O mai equal amounts burned to ashes. Use 9g daily with rice water.

Puffer fish poisoning

Use 30g cana fruit for drinking water. This method is also used for children to get measles and to treat hemolytic disease.

Vascular thrombosis

Use a few boiled eggplants to eat, drink water daily, 200g per day. Treatment 1-2 months.

Cooling water

20g fresh custard-apple seed, fresh reed root 4 bunches finely chopped. Cook with 0.5 liters of water for 30 minutes, filter drinking water.

Fresh canna has the effect of clearing waste, benefiting pharynx, reducing fire, and chemical phlegm. Roots wipe heat can, heat, generate new fluid, prevent cough. To be effective, you should use it while it is still hot.

4. Ways to make smashed coffee

Cách làm cà na đập

Prepare materials

  • Granulated sugar: 150 grams (about 8 tablespoons),
  • Grain salt: 1 tbsp,
  • Table salt: 1 teaspoon,
  • Chili salt: 1 teaspoon,
  • Tomato tomatoes: ½ kg.

Chuẩn bị nguyên liệu

Steps to take

Step 1: Prepare the coffee beans

  • Wash the cauliflower, remove the stem. Soak in dilute salt water for 3-5 minutes to remove pus.
  • Next, you put the ca na on the cutting board, use a pestle to smash the ca na. Be careful not to smash it too hard.
  • After smashing the cana, you put it in a basket and wash it with water several times to make it less acrid.

Sơ chế cà na

Step 2: Soak the canamon with dilute salt water

  • Next, you put the canamon in a bowl and then add cold water with 1 tablespoon of granulated salt. Then soak for 1 hour.
  • After soaking, you wash the canamon about 3 times and squeeze out the water.

Ngâm cà na với nước muối loãng

Step 3: Mix the custard apple with salt and sugar

  • Mix the coffee with 150 grams of fine granulated sugar, 1 teaspoon of foamed salt and let it sit for about 8-10 hours for the sugar to dissolve (if you use big granulated sugar, it will take longer to dissolve).
  • After the coffee has completely dissolved, add a teaspoon of chili salt and mix well (you can add chili powder if you want it more spicy) and let it sit for about 15 minutes for the salt to penetrate.

Trộn cà na với muối đường

Finished product

Ca custard apple has a characteristic sweet and sour taste and is slightly acrid. Probably will make you eat forever.

Thành phẩm

Hopefully, the above article can help you better understand the benefits as well as the wonderful uses of the fruit for our health.

General source of information at: V OH – City People’s Voice Radio. Ho Chi Minh City and en.wikipedia.org

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