Tips for Picking Flavorful Hot Peppers Without Sampling

Discover how to select delicious chili peppers for your meals with these simple and easy tips!


Chili peppers are a common ingredient in many Vietnamese dishes, adding flavor and spice to dips, stir-fries, and grilled dishes. Choosing the right chili pepper can be complicated, but there are ways to determine the heat level without trying.

1 Nutritional value and benefits of chili

Nutritional value of chili

In 100g of chili, there are approximately 39 kcal, along with various other nutrients such as 0.4g fat, 9mg sodium, 322mg potassium, 9g carbohydrates, 1.5g fiber, 5g sugar, 1.9g protein, 143.7mg Vitamin C, 1mg Vitamin E, 0.5mg Vitamin B6, 23mg calcium, and 14mg iron.

Nutritional value of chili Nutritional value of chili

Health benefits of chili

Prevent stomach and prostate cancer: Capsaicin, found in chili peppers, has been shown to have a positive effect on patients with prostate and stomach cancer.

Support in the treatment of diabetes: Eating hot peppers regularly can help control blood sugar levels, making it beneficial for people with diabetes.

Effective pain relief: Capsaicin acts as a local anesthetic, relieving pain when consumed.

Weight control: Eating spicy foods can help burn calories and reduce appetite, aiding in weight loss.

Health benefits of chili Health benefits of chili

2 How to choose hot peppers without trying

The darker the color, the spicier:

If you want a spicier pepper, choose dark green or ripe red peppers.

The darker the color, the more spicy The darker the color, the more spicy

The more curved the chili, the spicier:

Curved peppers tend to be spicier than straight peppers.

The more curved the chili, the spicier The more curved the chili, the spicier

Look at the outside appearance:

Long and thin chili peppers tend to be spicier than round and thick ones.

Look at the outside appearance Look at the outside appearance

3 Notes for eating chili and storage tips

Notes for eating chili:

  • Avoid eating excessive amounts of chili as it can affect the stomach and numb the taste buds.
  • Avoid eating chili on an empty stomach and accompany it with starchy food to protect the stomach.
  • Eat spicy food when it’s cold to prevent damage to the digestive system.
  • Cook chili peppers before eating to reduce irritation of the mouth and digestive discomfort.
  • Alternate spicy dishes with other non-spicy dishes to reduce the negative effects of spice.
  • Drink cooling beverages like tea or herbal tea after eating chili to soothe the palate.

Note when eating chili Note when eating chili

How to store chili:

Store in the freezer: Cut off the stalks, wash and dry the chili peppers before sealing them in a bag or container and freezing them.

Store in the freezer Store in the freezer

Preservation by drying: Cut off the stalks, remove the seeds, soak the chili peppers in warm water, and then dry them in the sun. Once dry, store them in a container in the refrigerator.

Preservation by drying Preservation by drying

4 Delicious dishes made with chili:

Beef dipped in chili: A specialty dish from the Central region, beef dipped in chili offers a delicious and spicy flavor.

Beef dipped in chili Beef dipped in chili

Chili bamboo shoots: A sour and spicy side dish that adds excitement to meals.

Chili bamboo shoots Chili bamboo shoots

Grilled fish with salt and pepper: Grilled pomfret with salt and pepper offers a crispy and flavorful experience.

Grilled fish with salt and pepper Grilled fish with salt and pepper

5 GREEN BHAG: Supermarket selling quality chili

If you’re looking for quality chili peppers, Bach Hoa Xanh is a reliable supermarket that offers dedicated service and clear origin. They also have frequent promotions for customers.

GREEN BHAG: Supermarket selling chili at the best price GREEN BHAG: Supermarket selling chili at the best price

These are just a few tips for choosing the best chili peppers. Keep them in mind when you need to find the perfect chili for your dish.

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