Gentle and Trendy Peach Fuzz Makeup Tips for the New Year

To create a natural yet impactful highlight, it is recommended to apply layers of color to avoid the look of heavy and excessive makeup.


Recently, Pantone Color Institute announced the color of 2024 called Peach Fuzz – a gentle peachy orange color. Incorporating this color into beauty, especially makeup, might seem challenging. However, Peach Fuzz is actually a makeup color of Spring.

Peach Fuzz is delicately applied on the eyes. Beauty enthusiasts can confidently use this peachy orange shade from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer corners. However, to create a focal point while maintaining a natural look, it’s recommended to layer the color gradually to avoid a heavy appearance.

Creating contour with blush

To create a smaller-looking face, apply blush slightly above or across the nose. However, peachy orange shades like Peach Fuzz are ideal for creating a gentle contour on the cheekbones, achieving a natural flushed look. Finish off with a touch of highlighter.

A simple way to create contour is by using a contour brush and applying an appropriate amount of blush or cream blush. Gently dab the brush into the empty areas, then apply blush diagonally from the highest point of the cheekbones down to the sides of the nose. Repeat if necessary.

Combining darker (contour) and lighter (highlight) shades can significantly improve facial imperfections and enhance the facial features.

For example, darker shades compared to the base color can help reduce the appearance of a wide nose, square jaw, prominent cheekbones, or a protruding forehead, creating a more harmonious and elegant look. Contouring the face is not difficult, but there are specific principles for each face shape that should be considered.

Peachy lips

Use a tone-on-tone lip color like Peach Fuzz. These lipstick shades lean towards nude tones, which have been forecasted to be hot this year.

Nude peachy pink tones are minimalistic yet trendy and attractive. “Juicy peach” lips have become a trend in 2024 as fashion-forward individuals embrace self-confidence and self-expression.

If you observe closely, most idols with peachy lips often opt for a thinner foundation. A thin foundation layer will bring out the bling-bling effect of peachy lips, rather than a heavy layer that can make you look harsh. Use moisturizer and a thin primer before applying foundation. Apply foundation with a damp sponge for a smoother finish.

To achieve the “goddess” look with plump peachy lips, a touch of dreamy blush is essential.

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