4 Makeup Mistakes That Age the Skin Revealed by TikTok Star

Are you hoping to maintain a youthful, glowing complexion? Tiktoker shares their insights into four makeup techniques that can cause premature skin aging. Read on to discover the secret to achieving younger-looking skin!


Enhancing the beauty of one’s face with makeup can boost confidence when out in public. However, improper application of makeup can have serious consequences for the facial skin. Let’s examine four common mistakes that can hasten skin aging when applying makeup.

1 Not Moisturizing

Moisturizing is essential as it provides hydration to the skin and protects it from the layers of makeup, preventing dryness. When the skin becomes dry, its protective layers weaken, leading to accelerated aging.

Not moisturizing during makeup can quickly dry out the skinNot moisturizing during makeup can quickly dry out the skin

2 Not Using Primer

Using primer not only helps makeup last longer and adhere better to the skin, but it also creates a barrier between the makeup layers. This barrier protects the skin from moisture loss and helps prevent premature aging.

Primer helps protect against makeup layers that affect the skinPrimer helps protect against makeup layers that affect the skin

3 Avoid Tugging the Skin

When applying makeup, some individuals have a tendency to pull and tug the layers of cream to achieve even coverage. However, this practice can cause sagging and damage to the skin, leading to accelerated aging. It is recommended to avoid tugging and gently spread the cream on the face.

Pulling can cause sagging skinPulling can cause sagging skin

4 Applying Foundation Heavily

Some people mistakenly believe that applying foundation heavily improves its adherence to the skin and prolongs makeup wear. However, this approach actually damages the skin cells and accelerates the appearance of aging.

Applying foundation too heavily can damage the skinApplying foundation too heavily can damage the skin

This article aims to educate readers about common makeup mistakes that can accelerate skin aging. We hope you find this information helpful. Follow us for more informative articles!