Get rid of dark circles and achieve a radiant face with this amazing skincare routine

Dark circles appear due to various reasons and can affect both men and women.


Why do dark circles appear?

Fatigue, lack of sleep is considered the main cause and aggravates the appearance of dark circles.

– Age, aging is also the reason that the skin under the eyes becomes thinner, making the veins and capillaries more visible.

– Menopause or pregnancy, hormonal disorders disrupt the blood and lymphatic circulation process, which can also cause dark circles.

– Habits such as rubbing the eyes, excessive use of cosmetics, improper eye makeup removal, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, smoking, alcohol consumption, poor diet, dehydration… also contribute to the formation of eye bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Effective measures to eliminate dark circles

Improving lifestyle habits is a top priority: Getting enough rest and sleeping for 8 hours a day is an effective measure in preventing dark circles.

Using smartphones or computers for too long without resting can strain the eyes. Eye strain causes the blood vessels around the eyes to dilate and cause dark circles.

Frequently touching or rubbing the eyes is also a cause of dark circles. Therefore, improving these lifestyle habits is a top priority to reduce dark circles.

Eating good foods to prevent dark circles: Limit eating sweets that increase blood sugar, and not eating salty foods. Carrots and cabbage are good foods because they help metabolism and improve blood circulation.

Salmon is a protein-rich food, low in calories, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, which helps improve blood vessel diseases and effectively improve dark circles under the eyes.

Drinking enough water is also important to eliminate dark circles, so pay attention to the amount of water you drink daily.

Using cosmetics and facial cleansers specifically for the eyes: If you do not remove makeup properly, eye makeup layers such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara can cause pigmentation on the skin and dark circles. It is best to use makeup removers specifically for the skin around the eyes.

Apply sunscreen: When going out, it is necessary to apply sunscreen to the skin around the eyes. Apply gently so as not to apply too much pressure, and also be careful not to let the sunscreen get into the eyes.

Massage the skin around the eyes: Massaging with ice water also helps improve dark circles.

Treatment with lasers and cosmetics: If dark circles are persistent, it is best to see a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment. The doctor can prescribe eye creams or suggest a specific treatment method to eliminate or reduce dark circles.

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