How to indulge in delicious snacks without worrying about gaining weight

Snacking is not just a habit but sometimes a way to bring joy to many women. However, snacking is often associated with concerns about obesity and being unhealthy.


By following the tips below, you can enjoy snacks daily without feeling guilty while still avoiding risks. Snacking is a favorite hobby for many women, and even if they haven’t had any yet, they feel uncomfortable. So, remember the following tips:

Make your own snacks

Pre-packaged snacks usually contain a lot of refined starch and sugar, as well as being deep-fried in reused oil. That’s why snacking can easily lead to weight gain.

Making your own snacks is a healthier option. Healthy snacks can include dried fruits, fresh fruits, fruits blended into cakes, homemade snacks made from potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. With the help of modern kitchen appliances, making your own snacks is much easier. Making your own snacks allows you to choose healthy ingredients and safer cooking methods.

Choose healthy snacks

There are many healthier snack options such as yogurt, whole grain bread, seed cookies, sugar-free sponge cakes, fruit and yogurt mix, trail mix, etc. Snacks that are lightly fried and easy to make have less energy and fewer harmful ingredients than heavily processed snacks that are deep-fried.

Choose snacks that are less sweet and avoid stocking up on sweet pastries. Opt for weight-loss drinks such as kombucha, tea, iced yogurt…

Use reminders to control snacking

Place a note at your workplace as a reminder of snacking. It helps you better control the amount of snacks you consume, allowing you to manage your calorie intake.

Avoid excessive stocking

Do not stock up too many snacks at home, as it will tempt you to eat more. Stock up more on healthy snacks rather than those that contribute to obesity. This way, you reduce the chance of eating too much.

Drink water when craving snacks

Drink a glass of water before deciding to snack. It helps reduce hunger and cravings, so you’ll eat less.

Watch your portion sizes

Don’t bring out a whole large box and eat while working, you’ll end up eating the entire box without even realizing it. Put them on a plate with a predetermined amount so that when you finish, you know that you’ve eaten enough, exceeding the allowed calories.