Lose 12kg in 3 months without exercising?

Quách Bích Đình has caught attention for her astonishing weight loss of up to 12kg in just 3 months, all without the need for exercise. What's the truth behind this? What is the secret behind the actress's success?


Actress Quach Bich Dinh, despite being a mother of two, still maintains a beautiful figure and youthful appearance. The actress successfully lost weight in just 3 months without needing to exercise. Her secret is to follow the rule of eating 7 portions and consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables.

1 Eat 7 portions

Eat 7 portions

Quach Bich Dinh loses weight by following a scientific and healthy diet. She still eats three full meals a day, but each meal is only about 6-7 portions. This helps her reduce the amount of calories consumed in her body and create a calorie deficit, resulting in effective weight loss and fat burning.

In addition, Quach Bich Dinh also pays attention to eating at the right time, having regular meals, and limiting cravings for unhealthy foods.

2 Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Quach Bich Dinh usually consumes a large amount of fruits and vegetables in her main meals to feel full and increase fiber intake. When dining out, she always chooses appetizers to create a sense of fullness and better control blood sugar levels. As for fruits, she advises women to choose those with low sugar content and high nutritional values, such as , ,,…

3 Replace rice with white porridge

Quach Bich Dinh successfully lost weight by following a scientific diet plan, which includes replacing white rice with white porridge. White porridge has lower calorie content and is easier to digest than white rice. It helps boost metabolism and supports effective weight loss.

Replace rice with white porridge

4 Limit high-calorie foods after 4 PM

Quach Bich Dinh revealed that she always tries to minimize the consumption of foods that can lead to weight gain and bloating after 4 PM. Specifically, she avoids sweets, fried foods, and fruits high in sugar. Furthermore, she avoids eating vegetables with cooling properties, such as winter melon, bottle gourd, mushrooms, etc.

Limit high-calorie foods after 4 PM

5 Eat yogurt daily

Quach Bich Dinh maintains a slim figure by eating yogurt on a daily basis. She considers yogurt as a healthy snack that doesn’t lead to weight gain. She usually opts for low-fat yogurt to avoid consuming excessive calories and stabilize blood sugar levels. In addition, yogurt is also beneficial for digestion, improves gut motility, and balances gut bacteria.

Eat yogurt daily

Above is the weight loss and beauty secrets of Quach Bich Dinh that we have compiled. Stay tuned for more articles to discover the beauty secrets of celebrities!