Simple steps to create a slimmer face and a higher nose

This makeup technique is like an optical illusion that enhances facial features.


Create a block used in makeup, help the face look more depth and sharp by creating shadows and dark areas. To make the face look slimmer when others look straight at our face or take pictures. So, this makeup technique is like a visual deception. Bronzer with the ability to make our face look more natural. The way to apply bronzer is to brush the cheeks, frame the face, jawline,… The color used is mainly orange brown which will give a more gentle feeling.

How to contour your nose naturally

Choose the contour shade

You can choose a darker shade and a lighter shade 1 tone lighter than your natural skin. The first step is to blend these two colors with a brush and apply the brush head to the back of the hand before applying it to the nose. Start by applying the contour line beneath the nose and the sides of the nose first.

Adjust the brush for the contour line

When using the brush for the contour line on the face, adjust the contact of the brush head with the skin to have a slightly larger brush head and choose the lighter shade of the contour line. Then lightly brush diagonally upwards and gently brush beneath the nose, from the eyebrow to the tip of the nose. And finally gently brush in a cross shape in front of the nose or in the area between the two eyes.

Create a contour for the nose without making the nose tip protrude

Take a stick-shaped contour stick, use colors that are not much different from the contour line to increase the sharpness of the nose once again. Then, lightly brush beneath the eyebrows, then take a sponge to pat or blend back into the previous contour application point.

Highlight the bridge of the nose

You need to use a highlighting powder to make your face brighter. In which this highlight part can be chosen depending on your preference, your desired level. Apply powder first, then apply highlighter on the bridge of the nose and beneath the nose.

Use concealer

Use concealer to increase brightness and add shine to make the contour look clearer. Apply concealer evenly under the eyes or at the base of the eyes down to the bridge of the nose, then blend evenly with a sponge to blend naturally on both sides.

When completing all these steps, the face looks clear with sharp lines, has contour points on the face that look more natural. And this is an easy makeup method that anyone can follow.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Choose two contour shades: one darker and one tone lighter than your natural skin.
  2. Blend these with a brush and test on the back of your hand.
  3. Start by applying the contour line beneath and at the sides of your nose.
  4. Adjust the brush for the contour line, ensuring a slightly larger brush head and choosing the lighter shade.
  5. Brush diagonally upwards beneath the nose and gently blend.
  6. Repeat from the eyebrow to the tip of the nose, and then create a cross shape in front of the nose.

  1. Use a stick-shaped contour in a similar color to your chosen contour line.
  2. Lightly brush beneath the eyebrows, and then blend with a sponge.
  3. You can also pat the sponge to ensure a natural finish.

Use a highlighting powder to add brightness to your face. Apply the powder first, and then the highlighter, focusing on the bridge and beneath the nose.

Concealer increases brightness and adds shine, making the contour appear clearer and more defined. Apply it under the eyes and at the base of the eyes, down to the bridge of the nose, and then blend evenly with a sponge for a natural finish.

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