Things to Consider Before and During Squeezing Pimples Every Lady Should Know

Acne squeezing is performed when the acne kernel is fully formed, with a dry and hard pimple head at the center.


Notes on Pimples Squeezing

Squeezing pimples is a mechanical process to remove the pimple’s core from the surface of the skin and this process will create a small injury to the skin. Pimples should be squeezed when the core has fully formed, the pimple head is dry and hard in the center.

Squeezing pimples when the pimples are too young will be difficult to remove the pimple core and it will cause pain to the patient. In addition, if you want to squeeze pimples, you should choose to do it in the evening. Because at that time, your skin has time to rest and avoid the risks of infection. The important thing is to know how to squeeze pimples without leaving scars.


Proper Steps to Squeeze Pimples

– Cleanse your face and then pat dry the skin.

– Soften the pimple and enlarge the pores will help you to easily extract the pimple core.

– Disinfect your hands or wear medical gloves.

– Before using acne treatment tools, you should disinfect the pimple first to ensure that the bacteria is not pushed deeper into the pores when you perform self-pimple squeezing at home.

– Take care of your skin after squeezing pimples: After squeezing pimples, you need to take good care of your skin to avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or recurring pimples. You can use ice water to apply to the pimple to reduce swelling and shrink the pores.

After squeezing pimples, the skin will scab and crust. Do not attempt to remove the scab with your hands before they naturally peel off, as this will cause the pimple to bleed and re-injure the area, prolonging the healing process. Repeated injury to the wound can lead to deeper scars.

– Use specific acne treatment creams to apply to the skin to help the pimples heal quickly. You should apply sunscreen to protect your skin after squeezing pimples to prevent dark spots.


You should use a suitable scar ointment for your skin to apply to the squeezed pimples to promote faster healing. There are many scar ointments on the market made from herbs, turmeric… You should try them to avoid allergic reactions.

Limit the use of products containing AHA and BHA: Products containing AHA and BHA can irritate the skin, causing more inflammation. Because these are products containing exfoliating agents, it is better to avoid using them after squeezing pimples for the skin. Remember to check the ingredient list before using.

– Skincare experts advise that you should temporarily stop using toners for 1-2 days after squeezing pimples. Especially if they contain alcohol or ingredients that exfoliate or tighten the skin because they are very likely to cause irritation or dryness.

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