Tips for Easy and Correct Nail Filing at Home

Do you dream of having beautiful, salon-worthy nails? Filing can be a great way to achieve this - but only if you do it right! Here's a simple guide to filing your nails correctly at home.


Nail filing is a technique used to shape the nails. However, not everyone knows how to properly file their nails for a beautiful result. So, what do you need to do to achieve beautiful nails? Let’s explore a simple and effective way to file your nails at home!

1Tools Needed for Nail Filing

  • 240 grit nail file

Handy Tip: It is recommended to choose a nail file with a wide blade, equal to the width of the nail. Additionally, a 240 grit nail file is ideal for its soft and smooth surface. If you have thin and easily breakable nails, opt for a file with a higher grit to exert gentle pressure on the nails.

Tools needed for nail filingTools needed for nail filing

2Proper Technique for Standard and Beautiful Nail Filing at Home

Step 1: Trim the nails

Use nail clippers to remove the desired length, making sure to clip horizontally for a basic square nail shape.

Handy Tip: You can skip this step if your nails are already trimmed or if you don’t need to adjust the length.

Trim the nailsTrim the nails

Step 2: Align and Check the Nail Length

Once your nails have the desired length, use a 240 grit nail file to shape them. Start by aligning the top edges (the cut parts) of the nails in a straight line.

After trimming the nails, ensure they are straight and visually appealing. Check for evenness between the nails and make any necessary adjustments, following the previous two steps.

Handy Tip: When filing, be cautious not to touch the delicate skin underneath if your nails are too short and close to the skin.

Align and check the nail lengthAlign and check the nail length

Step 3: File the Nails

File the side edges of the nails in parallel. File both sides evenly and alternate to avoid creating an uneven appearance. Then, place the nail file perpendicular to the nail to file the top part.

File the nailsFile the nails

3Important Notes on Nail Filing

  • When filing, hold the filing tool parallel to the nail and shape the nail properly. Avoid filing too hard, as it can cause thinning and increased susceptibility to breakage. Keep the file straight while filing.
  • The edges of the nails are sensitive and fragile, so be cautious not to file too close to this area.
  • If you accidentally file your nails too short, use a neutral nude nail polish to create the illusion of longer nails.

Notes on nail filingNotes on nail filing

These are the steps for achieving nicely-filed nails at home. Remember to follow them to maintain beautiful nails!

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