What color clothes should you wear if you have a dark skin tone? Try these 6 colors to both brighten your complexion and enhance your figure.

Compared to fair skin, women with darker skin often have a harder time choosing the right outfits. Picking the wrong colors can make them fade away. However, by choosing from these 6 colors, women can be confident that they will not only brighten their complexion but also enhance their shape.


Black Outfits

Black outfits suit most skin tones and different styles.

Many people like to wear all-black outfits to express their personality and fashion style. To make your outfit more vibrant and stand out, you can mix it with some accessories in contrasting colors.

Pastel Outfits for Dark Skin

Pastel colors have the ability to soothe the soul with their gentle and attractive nature. Pastel-colored outfits are suitable for all skin tones.

For dark-skinned girls, this is an ideal color palette. However, you should only choose one pastel-colored outfit instead of wearing an all-pastel look to avoid looking washed out.

Colors like light purple, mint green, etc. would be a great choice. Combine them with a milk white skirt and a pair of white sneakers, and you will look youthful and energetic.

Cream-colored Outfits

Wearing white doesn’t necessarily make dark skin looks dull. This is true for pure white outfits, while cream-colored and off-white outfits can make your skin look more even and radiant.

For example, a cream-colored loose dress combined with matching high heels will make you look elegant and fresh. Besides, cream color is trendy and suitable for various styles.

Warm Tones for Dark Skin

It can be said that warm tones are the most suitable for dark-skinned girls. They make your skin look more beautiful and vibrant.

You can try a dress in shades of orange brown, burgundy, dark brown, etc. However, you should avoid neon colors.

Dark-skinned guys can also choose warm-toned shirts to look stronger and more handsome.

Neutral-colored Outfits

This color palette suits all skin tones, whether you have white, black, dark, or yellow skin.

Wearing outfits in neutral colors helps women look more sophisticated and valuable. Although it is considered a versatile color that matches many styles, it doesn’t mean you can wear a full outfit in this color. Doing so will have the opposite effect and make you look pale and unattractive.

With this color palette, women can choose outfits for weddings, parties, outings, work, etc.

Cool-tone Outfits

Cool tones are often shades of blue such as navy blue, sky blue, denim blue, etc. These colors are refreshing and make you feel relaxed and comfortable when wearing them. However, not all cool tones are suitable for dark-skinned girls.

Instead, you should choose cool-toned colors like turquoise blue, cobalt blue, etc. to enhance your skin tone.

Frequently asked questions

Accessorize with contrasting colors! Adding accessories in vibrant shades will make your all-black outfit pop and showcase your fashion sense.

Pastel colors are flattering for all skin tones, but for dark-skinned individuals, it’s best to choose one pastel-colored piece instead of a head-to-toe pastel look. Light purple, mint green, and similar shades are excellent choices, paired with milk white for a youthful vibe.

Absolutely! Cream-colored and off-white outfits can make dark skin look radiant and even. For instance, a cream-colored loose dress with matching heels is an elegant and trendy choice.

Warm tones are particularly flattering for dark-skinned individuals. Go for shades like orange-brown, burgundy, and dark brown. These colors make your skin look vibrant. However, avoid neon shades.

While cool tones are refreshing and relaxing, not all shades suit dark skin. Opt for turquoise blue, cobalt blue, and similar shades to enhance your dark skin tone.

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