2024 New Year’s Eve Firework Photography Tips: Capture Stunning Shots with Multiple Exposures

Do you know how to capture sharp and stunning photos of fireworks for Tet 2024? Fireworks usually only appear for a brief moment on New Year's Eve, so to capture that perfect moment in the night sky, you can refer to FPT Shop's detailed guide on how to capture the best fireworks photos below.


On the eve of the upcoming Lunar New Year 2024, many places across the country organize firework displays. The sky is filled with beautiful and dazzling fireworks that you would want to capture and preserve as a memory. However, the photos taken often turn out blurry, fuzzy, and with many other issues. Therefore, in today’s article, FPT Shop will guide you on how to capture high-quality photos of Tet 2024 fireworks in Multiple Exposure mode. Let’s find out the details!

Devices needed

In the method of capturing Tet 2024 fireworks in Multiple Exposure mode as instructed below, you will need the following equipment:

  • Canon EOS 5DS Camera
  • Camera tripod
  • Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L Tilt-Shift lens
  • Remote control for the camera
  • ND8 filter

Guide on how to capture Tet 2024 fireworks in Multiple Exposure mode

Step 1: Obtain information and prepare equipment

Firstly, you need to follow the media to know the scale, form, and sequence of the fireworks display in order to determine the best time to take photos of the fireworks.

Next, you should estimate the distance from the fireworks launching position to your camera in order to determine the focal length for your camera. In this guide, I choose a 17mm focal length lens to capture fireworks photos.

Step 2: Set up camera parameters for photographing fireworks

  • Attach the Canon EOS 5DS camera to the tripod and attach the remote control for the camera.
  • Turn off the Long exposure feature on the camera to reduce noise and ensure sharper photos.
  • Set the Picture Style to “Landscape” to make the fireworks colors in the photos more vivid.
  • Select the appropriate shooting mode and settings. In my case, those settings are: Bulb mode, f/11, ISO 100.

With the camera settings in this guide on how to capture Tet 2024 fireworks photos, you can easily control the shutter without causing camera shake, and the exposure will only continue when you hold down the button on the remote control.

Note: If the shutter speed is set too fast, the light streaks from the fireworks in the photos will be blurred.

Step 3: Set up the lens

Adjust the focus to infinity. You should use manual focus (MF) to focus and gaffer tape to fix the focus ring to prevent the focus from shifting when you press the button on the remote control.

Step 4: Set up Multiple Exposure mode

Enable Multiple Exposure mode and select the appropriate number of exposures (you should choose 2 or 3 exposures, I select 3 exposures here). Then, compose the photo horizontally with 3 parts so that the first fireworks is captured in the left position of the frame.

Step 5: How to capture fireworks in Multiple Exposure mode

  • When you hear the first explosion, check and ensure that the position, height, and size of the fireworks on the screen are all accurate.
  • Press the shutter button immediately after the tail of the fireworks disappears. If you want to capture the entire trail of the fireworks, hold down the shutter button from the moment you hear the explosion.
  • Recompose and move the camera to continue capturing the other 2 fireworks in the correct positions within the frame.

Thus, in Multiple Exposure mode, you will get a combined photo with 3 sharp fireworks of similar sizes (if the fireworks have the same diameter).


This article by FPT Shop has provided detailed instructions on how to capture photos of Tet 2024 fireworks using the camera in Multiple Exposure mode. Good luck in capturing stunning photos!

If you don’t have a camera, you can still capture clear fireworks photos with cameras equipped on smartphones that have quality cameras and night photography features. Visit FPT Shop for detailed advice or refer to Samsung phone models with outstanding photography capabilities here.

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