5 Quick and Accurate Methods to Check Your Postpaid Viettel Account

If you are using Viettel sim and want to know how to check your postpaid Viettel account to be more proactive in paying fees, then pay attention to the following article. FPT Shop will guide you through 5 ways to check your postpaid Viettel account quickly and accurately.


Postpaid subscriptions will make users more comfortable and convenient when making calls, without worrying about interruptions due to insufficient fees. To find out how to check your postpaid account with Viettel, let’s explore in detail with FPT Shop right now.

Checking Viettel Postpaid Account with 199 switchboard

You can call the 199 switchboard to check your Viettel postpaid account completely free with the following steps:

Step 1: Open the defaultPhone application on your device, enter the number 199, and press the green Call button.

Step 2: Press 1 to select the Vietnamese language, then follow the instructions of the switchboard:

  • Press 1 to listen to detailed information about the total unpaid fees of the current subscription making the call.
  • Press 2 to listen to detailed information about the total fees used in the previous month of the subscription making the call.

Checking Viettel Postpaid Account with 195 switchboard

Using SMS

The 195 switchboard is also a switchboard that allows users to inquire about Viettel postpaid fees for free. To perform the inquiry, you compose a message according to the syntax “TBC” and send it to 195.

Checking the hot fees of the Viettel postpaid subscription

The hot fee is the fee incurred in the month of the postpaid subscription. Specifically, this is the fee that the subscription has consumed starting from the beginning of the month until the time of the inquiry, this fee does not include the outstanding fee of the previous month. In the case of a postpaid subscription, outstanding fees from the previous month and hot fees in the current month occur, the network operator system will automatically block the operation of that subscription according to regulations.

To check the hot fee of Viettel postpaid subscription for free, you compose a message according to the syntax “Tra cuoc” and send it to 195. In addition, you can also perform a simpler inquiry by pressing *199# and then press the Call button.