5 Tips for Quick and Easy Year-End House Cleaning

If you don't have much time to clean your house at the end of the year, then check out these quick, hassle-free tips for a more efficient clean up!


Cleaning up homes to welcome the new year is an essential activity at the end of the year. To save time and make the cleaning more effective, you should keep in mind these 5 tips for cleaning your home at the end of the year!

1Plan by stages

You should make a detailed plan of the areas that need cleaning, instead of trying to do everything at once. Allocate time for cleaning and divide the tasks into smaller stages.

Plan by stages

2Sort and organize

You should classify the objects in your house into 4 categories: keep, throw away, give away, and rearrange. This will help you avoid confusion during the cleaning process and save time.

Sort and organize

3Use transparent plastic boxes for storage

To easily find and arrange your belongings, use transparent storage boxes. Additionally, you can label the boxes with the names of the items for easy future reference.

Use transparent plastic boxes for storage

4Prepare all cleaning tools

Cleaning will be more efficient and quick if you prepare all the necessary cleaning tools such as cloths, brooms, brushes, vacuum cleaners, etc. Also, don’t forget the cleaning products such as , , , etc.

Prepare all cleaning tools

5Intermittent cleaning

As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t try to clean everything at once. Instead, you can spend about 30 minutes each day for cleaning. Today, you can focus on different areas.

Intermittent cleaning

Above are 5 tips for quick and relaxed end-of-year home cleaning that we want to share with you. We hope this article has provided you with helpful suggestions.