Amazing Benefits of Using a Few Drops of Essential Oil on Garlic: Everyone’s Favorite, Save Lots of Money

Usually, eucalyptus oil and garlic are used for different purposes, seemingly unrelated. However, when combined, they bring unexpected benefits that everyone wants to follow.


Ginger and kerosene have a lot in common, although they are commonly used for different purposes. When combined, they bring unexpected benefits that everyone wants to try.

Surprising benefits of combining ginger and kerosene

First, take a few cloves of garlic and peel them. Cut the garlic into small pieces so that the aroma can spread better. Take a disposable mask, cut off one end. Separate the layers of the mask and put the garlic inside. Add a few drops of kerosene to the garlic. Tie the mask tightly and place it in mosquito-infested areas such as windows, doors, and under the bed.

The purpose of the garlic and kerosene bag is to repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes dislike the smell of garlic and kerosene. When they smell it, they will not dare to approach. Making this mosquito repellent bag is simple and cost-effective for your family.

In addition, you can also combine ginger and kerosene to achieve similar results. Chop the ginger and put it in the mask, then add a few drops of kerosene. Then place the finished product in areas where mosquitoes tend to gather to repel them.

Combining kerosene with garlic helps repel mosquitoes

Other uses of kerosene

+ Eliminate toilet odor

– Ingredients: Kerosene, white vinegar

– How to do:

First, pour 150-200 ml of white vinegar into a small bowl or spray bottle. Then add 10-15 drops of kerosene and 200 ml of water to dilute, and shake the mixture well together.

Once you have the mixture, spray it directly into the toilet or around the bathroom. The odor will gradually decrease and disappear completely. In addition, you can also spray it into the trash can to eliminate foul odors, prevent bacteria and insects from breeding. Or you can spray it under the bed, in the corners of the wall – where mosquitoes often hide to avoid them. Furthermore, the kerosene-white vinegar solution can also eliminate shoe odors, remove double-sided tape on the wall, or clean bamboo blinds, and deodorize the room… Just spray it in the areas that need treatment, and you will see immediate results.

+ Kill aphids on plants

If aphids or small insects appear on your plants, you can use a mixture of kerosene and dishwashing liquid to treat them.

Simply add a few drops of kerosene and a small amount of dishwashing liquid and vinegar to an empty plastic bottle. Shake the bottle well, then spray it in the areas where aphids, red spiders, or other small insects appear. This method is effective and safe for indoor plants, without the need for harmful chemicals that can protect your plants effectively.

Kerosene has many great uses

+ Remove ink stains on clothes

If your clothes accidentally get ink stains from a pen, you can use kerosene combined with toothpaste to clean it. Pour kerosene on the area where the ink stain appears, the oil essence can dissolve the ingredients in the ink. The next step is to apply toothpaste around the ink stain because toothpaste contains abrasive substances that can clean effectively. Then pour a little clean water onto the ink stain and rub it with your hand, the ink stain will gradually fade. The final step is to wash the clothes with regular detergent, ensuring that they will be clean and fresh as new.

The kerosene and toothpaste solution also helps to eliminate odors in rooms, trash cans, remove grease stains in the kitchen.

Frequently asked questions

To make this repellent, first, peel and chop a few cloves of garlic. Place the garlic inside a disposable mask, adding a few drops of kerosene. Securely tie the mask and place it in mosquito-prone areas.

Yes, ginger can be used in place of garlic to create a similar mosquito repellent. Chop the ginger and place it in a disposable mask with a few drops of kerosene. This alternative method will also effectively repel mosquitoes.

Kerosene has a variety of practical uses. It can be combined with white vinegar to eliminate toilet and trash can odors, repel mosquitoes, and remove shoe odors. Kerosene is also effective at killing aphids and other small insects on plants when mixed with dishwashing liquid. Additionally, it can remove ink stains from clothes when used with toothpaste.

When combined with toothpaste, kerosene can effectively remove ink stains from clothing. The oil in the kerosene dissolves the ink, while the abrasive properties of toothpaste help lift the stain. This method ensures that your clothes will be clean and stain-free.
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