How to Effectively Treat Fishbone Issues at Home

Everyone loves feasting on the deliciousness of fish during the holidays. But, unfortunately, choking on fish bones is an unavoidable issue that may lead to devastating consequences if left unattended for a prolonged period. Let's see how Dien May Xanh can help us out when fish bones get stuck in our throat.


1 Garlic as a remedy for fishbone choking

Garlic is a readily available spice in the kitchen that can be used to quickly address fishbone choking. By inserting a clove of garlic into the nostril opposite the side of the choke, closing the other nostril, and breathing through the mouth, relief can be achieved within 2 or 3 minutes. This technique stimulates sneezing and vomiting, allowing the fishbones to be expelled.

Garlic helps to cure fishbone choking by stuffing it into the nostrils.

Garlic helps to cure fishbone choking by stuffing it into the nostrils.

It is important to insert the garlic into the correct nostril depending on the side of the choke.

2 Orange peels as a remedy for fishbone choking

Orange peels can also be used to remedy fishbone choking. The active ingredients in orange peels help soften the fishbones, allowing them to be easily swallowed and passed through the digestive system. To use this method, hold a piece of orange peel in your mouth for a while, allowing it to dissolve, and then swallow the softened fishbone. Care should be taken to use small orange peels to prevent further choking.

Swallow and swallow orange peels

Swallow and swallow orange peels

3 Using Vitamin C as a remedy for fishbone choking

Vitamin C, which is present in orange peels, can also be used as an alternative remedy for fishbone choking. For those who are unable to tolerate the taste of orange peel, a Vitamin C tablet can be used instead.

Using vitamin C can replace orange peel

Using vitamin C can replace orange peel

Vitamin C helps soften the fishbones within a few minutes and also provides pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects for any wounds caused by the fishbones.

4 Fruit juice as a remedy for fishbone choking

Fruit juice can be used to dissolve fishbones when choking. By grinding the fishbones and mixing them with drinking water, the fishbones can be dissolved and safely swallowed.

Fruit juice

Fruit juice

5 Swallowing rice as a remedy for fishbone choking

Swallowing rice is a common method used to treat fishbone choking, particularly for small fishbones. However, caution should be exercised as this method can have serious consequences if the rice falls into the airway.

Swallow rice

Swallow rice

6 Centella asiatica leaves as a remedy for fishbone choking

Chewing and swallowing a small amount of centella asiatica leaves can effectively remove fishbones from the throat. The fishbones will follow the leaves and be expelled downward.

Gotu kola leaves cure fish bones.

Gotu kola leaves cure fish bones

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