Best Charging Practices for Your Phone Battery: How Long to Charge and When to Stop

Charging your phone correctly not only helps prolong its battery life but also ensures your safety while using it. By following these tips, you can ensure that your phone remains durable and reliable. So let's explore the dos and don'ts of phone charging.


Nowadays, smartphones have become an indispensable item for many people. And that’s why charging the battery is not just about having fuel for operation, but it is directly related to the safety of both the user and the phone.

Some people have to charge their phones multiple times a day, which can affect the battery life. Charging incorrectly can damage the phone, overheat it, cause explosions or fires, and quickly drain the battery, hindering its performance.


What is the ideal battery percentage to charge to?

Smartphone batteries nowadays are mainly lithium-ion batteries, which have high energy density and low self-discharge rates. However, when lithium-ion batteries are overcharged, over-discharged, or exposed to high temperatures, their performance and lifespan can be affected. Therefore, if you charge the battery to 100%, it is more likely to degrade quickly. It is better to charge your phone to only 50%-80%.

Common mistakes that can damage the battery

In addition to charging to a certain percentage, you should also avoid common mistakes that can damage the battery:

– Using non-original chargers or chargers that are not compatible with your phone. Avoid using counterfeit chargers or cables bought from street vendors. Original chargers provide stability during charging, delivering the appropriate voltage and current to the battery, thus protecting it from damage.

– Limit using different chargers interchangeably, as this can cause the phone to charge for too long and affect the battery lifespan.

– Avoid the habit of charging your phone overnight. Many people plug in their phones to charge overnight when the battery is low. However, regularly performing such charging and power-on/off actions can still cause significant damage to the mobile phone’s battery. Moreover, leaving the phone charging overnight will lead to overcharging, which is not good for the battery.


– Avoid using the phone while it is charging. Many people have the habit of using their phones while charging. However, this behavior can cause significant damage to both the phone’s battery and internal circuitry. The high temperature and overload can reduce the lifespan of the battery and even pose a risk to the user.

– Limit using the phone in high-temperature environments such as ovens, near stoves while cooking, or under direct sunlight. High temperatures can also decrease the chemical reaction rate of the battery, reducing its energy storage capacity and even causing damage or potential fire hazards.

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