Ancestral teachings warn against three actions: never bring darkness into your home, always be cautious, and ensure the safety of future generations.

In ancient times, it was believed that when the sky turned dark and "black and white" merged together, it was also the time for families to gather and there were certain things that absolutely should not be done.


I remember when I was young, our parents always told us: “Come inside when it’s dark,” or “Don’t do that when it’s dark.” At that time, we didn’t think much about it, and sometimes we even rebelled and didn’t listen to our parents, thinking that they were just being overprotective. But as we grew older and understood better, we realized that those words of advice were actually based on something and had been passed down through generations.


There are 3 things you shouldn’t do when it’s dark:

First, don’t sigh frequently when it’s dark

In the past, people believed that sighing frequently when it’s dark was an unlucky act that would bring about misfortunes.

Because humans only let out their final breath when they exhale, there was a warning for future generations not to do this when it’s dark, as it would easily attract negative energy and bad luck.

According to today’s scientific perspective, this saying doesn’t hold any meaning, as people sigh when they are in a bad mood or in poor health, especially when they are feeling particularly frustrated and find life difficult. They often sigh.

According to related studies, sighing has certain benefits for the body and the most visible expression of it is that it can help people let go of frustration and release tension. However, it is best not to sigh frequently before going to sleep, as sighing can lead to more worries and affect the quality of sleep.

Second, don’t hit your child when it’s dark

In ancient times, it was common for parents to discipline their children, but people believed that they shouldn’t hit their children when it’s dark, and there were two main reasons for this.

– First, when the environment becomes dark, children will feel especially anxious, especially for very young children who haven’t yet distinguished between day and night and only know that suddenly everything has become dark.

Children will become increasingly fearful, and if parents hit them at this time, it will only make them more frightened and more prone to accidents.

– Second, we also need to consider the child’s psychological state. We must understand that children have a day of school, and after coming home, they want to relax and have fun. If it’s already dark and you hit your child, it will make them particularly frustrated and easily irritable.


Third, don’t do anything bad when it’s dark

We all know the saying “Don’t do evil things and you won’t fear the knock of ghosts at your door.”

There were also people in the past who had superstitious and strange beliefs. They believed that after dark, when the positive energy disappears and negative energy is more easily attracted, if someone does something wrong when it’s dark, they will easily attract evil spirits and bring danger to their lives.

In addition, from a spiritual perspective, there are some things you should also avoid doing at night:

Don’t shake a bunch of keys after 10 pm

Don’t shake a bunch of keys after 10 pm, you’re calling for spirits to enter your house.

Don’t sleep with your feet or head pointing towards the door

Don’t sleep with your feet or head pointing towards the door (this is the position for the dead). Absolutely do not turn your feet towards the ancestral altar (disrespectful to the ancestors).

Don’t comb your hair at night

Stand in front of a mirror at night and keep combing your hair continuously, then gaze into the mirror and call out the name of the person you want to meet, and see what happens. Don’t leave an empty seat

If you have a certain chair in the room, before going to sleep, place something on the chair. I’m sure you don’t want someone to sit on that chair and stare at you all night.

Don’t place mirrors or glass objects near or opposite to where you sleep

When you sleep, don’t place mirrors or glass objects near or opposite to where you sleep. A true story, a girl was sleeping and suddenly woke up. She looked into the mirror opposite her bed and was shocked to see the reflection of an indistinct figure lying next to her.

Don’t play the following games at night

– At night, don’t play hide and seek after 10 pm, as when you play, bad luck will be concealed.

– Don’t play pranks on others that make them suddenly “lose their souls,” as they will easily be invaded by evil spirits.

– Don’t play spin the bottle inside the house, the bottle will gather wandering souls into your house.

– Don’t play games calling out each other’s names at night, evil spirits will take away your soul.

– Don’t take photos at night, as evil spirits always hover around and will “invisible”ly appear in the photo with the living person, which is not good.

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