Do Not Hang Clothes Outside Overnight, Disobey at Your Peril

According to an old folk belief, hanging clothes outside overnight is considered a bad omen that can bring misfortune and disaster to a family.


We often have the habit of washing and changing clothes in the evening because it marks the end of a working day. Therefore, many people find it convenient to wash their clothes and hang them outside. However, according to ancient beliefs, hanging clothes overnight is considered taboo.

From a spiritual perspective, hanging clothes overnight attracts evil spirits

Ancient people believed that evil spirits are often active at night and they will use the clothes of the living to hide and haunt them, or they will enter the house when we bring the clothes inside.

At night, wandering spirits have nowhere to lean on, so they pass through houses. When they see clothes hanging outside, they will find a hiding place. Therefore, hanging clothes at night is considered to be inviting evil spirits into the house, which can affect the health of the wearer and create negative energy. This can lead to a state of confusion, disharmony among family members, conflicts, and unfortunate events.

Our lives are yang, and when yin entities cling to clothes, it increases negative energy, leading to disputes, disagreements, and difficulties in business.

Furthermore, hanging clothes at night in flickering light can cause fear, panic, and loss of spirit for those who see it. This can negatively impact the family’s well-being and health. Moreover, clothes at night are often seen as ghostly figures, attracting wandering spirits to the house and causing disturbances. This makes it difficult for the God of Wealth to bless the house.


From a scientific and health perspective

Hanging clothes outside at night is when dew settles. This is not beneficial for drying clothes and increases the risk of mold. Dew carries salt or dust that sticks to the clothes, leaving blurry marks. Therefore, when drying, the clothes will not look clean and will require rewashing.

In humid weather at night, clothes take longer to dry and they become more damp and smelly compared to other clothes. It can even cause itching, infection in sensitive areas, and skin inflammation. Clothes made of thick fabrics that retain moisture are more dangerous to hang outside at night.

Clothes hanging outside overnight are prone to insect infestation, such as bugs depositing waste or clinging hair that we may not notice right away. Therefore, never hang clothes overnight if you notice itching or mold without understanding the reason.


Clothes hanging outside overnight are more prone to damage because they stay damp and smelly for longer. Especially for new clothes that need a fresh and pleasant smell, drying them in humid weather for a long time will make them lose their fragrance.

Therefore, the best way is to wash your clothes in the morning and dry them from morning until evening.

In the case of having a separate drying area at home, you can still hang clothes, but make sure there is a roof and avoid causing fear for others.

In general, it is best not to hang clothes at night as it is not beneficial from a feng shui perspective. Hanging clothes at night brings negative energy to the house and does not bring good luck or prosperity.


What to do if you accidentally hang clothes overnight?

If you have inadvertently hung clothes, check if there are signs of mold or insects clinging to them. If there are, wash them again to ensure safety.

If due to family circumstances, you are unable to arrange to dry clothes during the day, then you should hang them at night with a roof or let them dry inside the house and move them outside in the morning.

The information is for reference and experience purposes only

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