Check the best and worst time on January 10, 2024 instantly, view lunar calendar on January 10, 2024

Check the good and bad hour on 10/1/2024, check the lunar calendar on 10/1/2024 to know the auspicious hours, inauspicious hours, and good times for departure throughout the day.


Check the lunar calendar on 1/10/2024 – Check the good and bad hours on 1/10/2024

Wednesday, 10/1/2024, which is the 29th day of the lunar calendar, is the day of Quy Dau, the month of Giap Ty, and the year of Quy Mao, belonging to the small cold season. This is Thoa Nhat (small gluttony) Day – Yin Metal in Yang Water, an auspicious day (small gluttony), Earthly Branch Giving Birth to Heavenly Stem. People are more likely to be united, encounter fewer obstacles in their work, and have a high chance of success on this day.

Things to do: Disputes, litigation, seeking wealth, opening a store, shop.

Things not to do: Funeral, worship, burial, construction, excavation, roof installation, ceiling collapse, house repair, wedding, moving to a new house, traveling far away.

The Ox and Snake years are both compatible with the day. The conflicting ages with the day include Tan Mao, Dinh Mao, Dinh Dau.

To meet the Hu God, it is recommended to travel in the Southeast direction. To meet the Tai God, it is recommended to travel in the West direction. The Southwest direction is bad for the day, so it is advisable to limit travelling in that direction.

Check the good and bad hours on 1/10/2024

* Hoang Dao (Auspicious Hours)

– 11pm-1am (Rat hour): Green dragon. Everything is good, ranked first in the auspicious hours.

– 1am-3am (Ox hour): Bright road. Beneficial for meeting important people, for promotion.

– 7am-9am (Tiger hour): Golden treasury. Good for marriage.

– 9am-11am (Snake hour): Golden Road. Everything goes smoothly.

– 1pm-3pm (Horse hour): Jade road. Everything is good, very beneficial for paperwork, official documents, writing. Avoid activities related to mud, kitchen.

– 7pm-9pm (Dog hour): Four fortune. Good for everything.

* Hac Dao (Inauspicious Hours)

– 3am-5am (Rabbit hour): Heavenly shape. Very unfavorable for lawsuits.

– 5am-7am (Cat hour): Door handle. Avoid disputes, lawsuits.

– 11am-1pm (Dragon hour): White tiger. Avoid everything.

– 3pm-5pm (Monkey hour): Heavenly rope. Everything is unfavorable.

– 5pm-7pm (Rooster hour): Originating disaster. Avoid lawsuits, communication.

– 9pm-11pm (Pig hour): Battle formation. Very unfavorable for moving houses, building houses, funerals.

* Auspicious hours for travel

11am-1pm and 11pm-1am, Leap year hours, seeking wealth is vague, career is difficult to succeed. Postponing lawsuits is recommended. People who have set out have not received news. Avoid argument. Linguistic ability is very ordinary. Work is slow, but everything is certain.

1am-3am and 1pm-3pm, Rope handling hours, traveling during this time often encounters disputes, undesirable events, caution in speech. People who are about to leave should postpone. Meetings, officials, debates… should avoid during these hours. If it is necessary to go, keep the mouth to avoid fighting and arguing.

3am-5am and 3pm-5pm, Small gluttony hours, very auspicious, traveling during this time often brings a lot of luck. Family members are all healthy. People who have set out are about to return home. Business is profitable. Women have good news. Everything is good and beautiful.

5am-7am and 5pm-7pm, Closed hours, Big Hung hours, very bad. Travelling during this time, all matters are unlucky, lost things are hard to find. Seeking wealth is not beneficial, easily disappointed. Legal matters are unfavorable and disputable.

7am-9am and 7pm-9pm, Safe hours, travelling during this time is mostly good. Houses are peaceful. Seeking wealth should go in the Southwest direction. People who travel are peaceful.

9am-11am and 9pm-11pm, Quick happiness hours, travelling during these hours will encounter many good signs, joyous events, it is better to choose the morning, the afternoon will reduce some of the goodness. Seeking wealth should travel in the South direction. Meeting leaders, high-ranking officials, or partners are lucky. People who travel receive good news.

* Information is for reference and personal experience.