Considerations for Creating an Auspicious Garage Door that Welcomes Prosperity and Fortune

A well-designed house gate entices positive energy, wealth, and well-being into your home. Take note of these tips when designing your house gate to welcome good fortune.


The gate acts as an important aspect not just for security but also influencing the good fortune and luck of a homeowner. Choosing and designing a rational gate design contributes to attracting positive energy (feng shui), auspicious fortune, and generates family prosperity and tranquility. Our article will share significant points to consider when building a gate to welcome good fortune and luck, supporting you in having a prosperous and harmonious living space.

1 Choose a Gate Direction Based on the Eight Trigrams

In the Eight Trigrams, the main entrance is symbolized as a “water-receiving door”; as water embodies good fortune and success. Therefore, while selecting the gate direction, homeowners should prioritize locations near a water source like rivers, brooks, lakes, ponds, etc. The gate should face the direction of the water flow.

According to ancient beliefs, four celestial entities guard the four cardinal directions of the house:

  • Northern Direction: Black Tortoise – symbolizing stability and peace.
  • Southern Direction: Vermilion Bird – symbolizing fortune and reputation.
  • Western Direction: White Tiger – symbolizing strength and authority.
  • Eastern Direction: Azure Dragon – symbolizing health and wealth.

To determine the direction for building the main gate according to feng shui, homeowners must adhere to the following rules:

  • Right Side of the Gate: Place the White Tiger (Western direction).
  • Front of the Gate: Place the Vermilion Bird (Southern direction).
  • Behind the Gate: Place the Black Tortoise (Northern direction).
  • Left Side of the Gate: Place the Azure Dragon (Eastern direction).

Based on the above rules, the homeowner can choose 1 out of the 4 cardinal directions below to locate the gate:

  • Southern Direction: Attracts good fortune and reputation
  • Eastern Direction: Brings health and wealth.
  • Western Direction: Enhances strength and authority
  • Northern Direction: Ensures stability and tranquility

Choose a Gate Direction Based on the Eight Trigrams

Reference: What is the Eight Trigrams Method? How to Use the Eight Trigrams When Orienting a House

2 Choose a Gate Direction According to the Five Elements

Fire Element Homeowner: Should prioritize Eastern or Southeastern directions for the main gate. These directions belong to the Wood element, which generates Fire, leading to material fortune and luck for the homeowner.

Water Element Homeowner: Aligns with Western and Northwestern directions since they belong to the Metal element, which generates Water. Choosing this direction will help homeowners excel in work and life.

Wood Element Homeowner: Should select the Northern direction for the gate. This direction belongs to the Water element, which generates Wood, contributing to health and peace for the family.

Metal Element Homeowner: Aligns with Northern and Southwestern directions. These directions belong to the Earth element, which generates Metal, granting homeowners increased financial luck and stability.

Earth Element Homeowner: Should choose the Southern direction for the gate. This direction belongs to the Fire element, which generates Earth, bringing homeowners warmth, fortune, and success.

Choose a Gate Direction According to the Five Elements

3 Considerations When Building a Gate

  • Avoid constructing a “walled fort” that blocks air circulation within the house. Design the main entrance (entryway to the house) spacious to attract good fortune
  • The gate size should be compatible with the size of the house. An overly large gate will scatter the positive energy (feng shui), while an overly small one will limit the positive energy.
  • The entrance to the house should have three steps, with a moderate slope
  • Put lucky feng shui plants in front of the house, like bamboo, coconut palm, etc., to bring fortune and wealth.
  • Avoid plants with negative feng shui meanings, such as banyan tree, mulberry, willow, jackfruit, etc., in front of the door.
  • The gate should not face the main bedroom (detrimental to health).
  • The front door should not face the kitchen (loss of fortune and luck).
  • Avoid designing a gate with an inverted L shape (looks like the character “Thất,” unlucky)
  • The gate must be square, tidy, avoid arched shapes (harms financial fortune)
  • Avoid placing the main entrance at a T-junction.
  • Avoid creating a “conflict” direction with the main entrance (negative energy will follow a straight path).

Considerations When Building a Gate

The above are considerations for building a gate to welcome good fortune and luck that we have summarized. The shared information here is for reference only; combine it with your personal preferences, financial conditions, etc., to make the most suitable choice for your home.

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Frequently asked questions

The Eight Trigrams, or ‘Bagua’, associates the main entrance with water and good fortune. Homeowners should select a gate location near a water source, facing the direction of water flow. The four entities of the Trigrams correspond to the cardinal directions: Black Tortoise (North) for peace, Vermilion Bird (South) for reputation, White Tiger (West) for authority, and Azure Dragon (East) for wealth.

For proper feng shui, place the White Tiger to the right of the gate, the Vermilion Bird in front, the Black Tortoise behind, and the Azure Dragon on the left. Homeowners can then choose one of the four cardinal directions: Southern for fortune, Eastern for health, Western for strength, or Northern for tranquility.

The direction of the main gate is influenced by the homeowner’s elemental sign. Fire element homeowners should choose the Eastern or Southeastern directions. Water element homeowners should opt for Western and Northwestern directions. Wood element homeowners should select the Northern direction, while Metal element homeowners should consider Northern or Southwestern directions. Earth element homeowners are advised to choose the Southern direction.

Ensure the gate design allows for good air circulation and a spacious entrance. The gate size should be proportional to the house. Include three moderately-sloped steps leading to the entrance. Place lucky plants like bamboo outside, but avoid plants with negative feng shui associations. Avoid the gate facing the bedroom or kitchen, and stay clear of L-shaped or arched designs. Don’t position the main entrance at a T-junction.