Discover the Winter Wellness Lifestyle to Boost Your Health

Join us in exploring the winter wellness lifestyle to enhance your health effortlessly and effectively in the final days of the year!


Many people often think that a healthy lifestyle is complicated and not suitable for busy people. However, this lifestyle is actually very simple and suitable for almost everyone if they know how to do it. Let’s explore the details of a healthy lifestyle in winter through the following article!

1Healthy Eating in Winter

Stay hydrated

In the cold winter, the amount of water excreted from the body will decrease in both urine and sweat, so many people tend to drink less water. However, the cells in the body still need to ensure water supply for smooth metabolism, helping the organs function normally.

Therefore, you should drink 1.5-2 liters of water every day to keep your body healthy, even when you don’t feel thirsty.

Stay hydrated

Choose appropriate foods

For people with a deficiency of yang energy, they should supplement more protein-rich foods such as lamb, …, for those with a deficiency of both energy and blood, they should eat venison, black chicken, duck meat, .. . Avoid eating raw and cold foods that can harm yang energy.

To protect the stomach, we should eat hot porridge such as oatmeal, millet porridge, red date sticky rice, … in the morning, eat less in the evening.

The diet in winter needs to be scientifically constructed, depending on individuals with different constitutions, as well as habits and doses of moderate eating and drinking, should not eat too much and harm health.

Choose appropriate foods

2Exercise and Physical Activity

One thing to note when exercising in winter is that you should limit sweating, because if you sweat too much, it will affect the qi in the body, contrary to the principles of nurturing life “Autumn Winter nurtures yin”.

Therefore, in winter, you should exercise at a moderate level, combining both dynamic and static exercises such as running, walking, … to sweat less.

Focusing on improving health will help enhance the body’s resistance in winter, thereby preventing colds, limiting respiratory and musculoskeletal diseases, …

Exercise and Physical Activity

3Sleep and Keeping Warm

Did you know that going to bed early will help nourish yang energy, while waking up late will reinforce yin essence for the body. Therefore, you should get enough sleep, at the right time to store the necessary energy for the body in winter.

In winter, you should often open the windows to let the air circulate, helping to keep your mind awake, however, if there is a cold wind blowing into the room, you should wear warm clothes to avoid catching a cold.

Especially, keeping the feet warm and healthy is a way to take care of your health that you should pay attention to. Soaking your feet in warm water and combining massage in the morning, evening, or walking for 30 minutes a day to promote blood circulation.

Sleep and Keeping Warm

4Mental Adjustment

In winter, when the cold air rushes in, it can easily lower your mood and mood. Therefore, you should change it by participating in some sports such as slow jogging, playing badminton, volleyball, dancing, … These activities will help uplift your spirit, relieve sadness, and bring back a cheerful spirit for the body.

Mental Adjustment

Above are the ways to nurture life and prevent diseases in winter that you should apply to have the best health. Hope that through the above information, it will help you have good health in the cold winter!

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