Effortless Clothing Ironing Tips: Say Goodbye to Wrinkles, Hello to Smoothness

Ironing clothes can be a tedious and careless task that often results in wasted time and misalignment.


Not everyone enjoys ironing clothes. Moreover, for some people, this meticulous task can be bothersome. Sometimes you may forget to bring an iron when traveling. Other times, you may be too busy in the morning to take the time to iron. And there are instances where leaving a hot iron unattended can result in a damaged garment due to burning or shiny fabric.

Here are some ways to flatten clothes without using an iron that you can apply right away:

Use Cold Stones and the Washing Machine
If your washing machine has a drying mode, you can put the clothes that need to be flattened into it and add cold stones. Then, turn on the drying mode. The cold stones will evaporate the cold temperature and turn it into steam, helping to relax the fabric fibers. Of course, you should only put 2-3 sets of clothes in the machine to maximize the flattening effect. While the washing machine helps in flattening your clothes, you can prepare breakfast, saving you waiting time.

Use Hot and Cold Water
Boil water in a kettle. Then, hang the clothes on a hanger near the kettle. Set the water to its hottest temperature, allowing the steam to escape. Remember to wear shoes and be careful to avoid burning your feet. After that, close the bathroom door. The steam from the hot and cold water will flatten the clothes, just like the steam from an iron.

Use a Hair Dryer
You can set the hair dryer to a high temperature. Then, take advantage of the hot air from the hair dryer to relax the fabric fibers. This is also a lifesaver when you are traveling and don’t have time to bring an iron.

Use a Hair Straightener
In some cases, you can use the heat of a hair straightener to clamp and stretch the fabric fibers. However, be sure to use the appropriate temperature.

Use a Mattress
Roll your clothes tightly and place them under the mattress. After about an hour, when you take them out, you will notice that they are much flatter. Note that you should roll them instead of folding to avoid creases.

Use White Vinegar
Vinegar has acidic properties that help relax the fabric fibers. For light and delicate outfits, you can mix vinegar with water and pour them into a clean spray bottle. After spraying, use your hands to pull the clothes. Remember to choose white vinegar to avoid color fading.

Strongly Shake the Clothes While Drying
For thin clothes like silk and linen, after washing them, immerse them in water. Then, instead of wringing them out completely, shake them strongly so the fabric fibers stretch. Hang them straight on the clothesline, and the clothes will naturally smooth out without the need for ironing. This is especially important for natural fabrics because ironing can make the fabric stiff and not as naturally flat.

Overall, these alternative methods can help you achieve a flattened look for your clothes without the need for an iron. They are convenient when you are traveling or do not have access to an ironing tool. Give them a try and enjoy wrinkle-free outfits!

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