Outcome of Putting 3 Silver Coins in Washing Machine Unexpectedly Revealed

Most people know the basic steps of how to run a washing machine - load it up with clothes, pour in some detergent, hit start - but that may not be enough to ensure your laundry is optimally washed.


When operating a washing machine, many people simply add clothes and detergent, and then turn it on. However, this basic method only allows for washing clothes without optimizing the process.

There is a useful tip and trick that many people recommend to optimize washing clothes with a washing machine, which involves putting 3 silver papers into the machine. Let’s explore the benefits of this method.

Enhancing the Washing Process with Silver Paper

Putting silver paper into the washing machine, dryer

By placing silver paper in the washing machine or dryer, clothes will experience less lint and minimize dirt sticking to them. The reason behind this is that the silver paper absorbs electric charges, effectively eliminating static electricity from clothes.

You can easily create silver paper balls on your own. Simply tightly fold a few pieces of silver paper and shape them into balls. Then, securely wrap another piece of silver paper around each ball. Repeat this process with additional pieces of silver paper until the silver paper ball perfectly fits in the palm of your hand.

The silver paper ball can be reused multiple times, with a lifespan of up to 6 months if tightly wrapped.

In addition to using silver paper balls, there are other objects you can include in the washing machine to enhance the cleanliness and durability of your clothes.

Water Bottle Caps

Putting water bottle caps into the washing machine

Placing two loosely twisted water bottle caps in the washing machine prevents clothes from wrinkling or tangling with each other.

White Vinegar

Putting vinegar into the washing machine

Over time, chemicals in detergents can cause clothes and towels to become stiff. To soften fabrics and remove dirt stains from clothes, simply add a cup of white vinegar to the washing machine.