5 Easy Ways to Maintain Clean Clothing

Using only two bottles of water, you can effectively take care of clothes that are easily wrinkled and prone to tearing.


Washing clothes in a washing machine is undoubtedly a convenient method, but it often leads to clothes becoming tightly wrapped together and difficult to separate. Additionally, clothes washed in the washing machine may quickly become frayed or torn, which can be even more troublesome when a dryer is used.

To overcome these issues, a simple solution is to place 2 bottles of water in the washing machine. This surprising trick helps to prevent clothes from getting wrinkled and frayed.

Tips for preventing clothes from getting wrinkled and frayed with 2 bottles of water:

– How to do it: Place 2 plastic bottles in the washing machine and run it. The plastic bottles will rotate with the clothes, creating friction that reduces the friction between the clothes. As a result, the clothes will not be severely torn.

– Note: Ensure that the caps of the water bottles are tightly secured for this method to be effective.

Alternatively, you can use a laundry bag if you prefer not to use bottles. However, make sure to use a high-quality laundry bag to prevent damage.

A simple trick to keep your clothes clean - Photo 1.

The plastic bottles create friction when placed in the washing machine, as they rotate with the clothes. This reduces the friction between the clothes, preventing them from wrapping around each other and avoiding tearing.

Tips for washing clothes in the washing machine:

1. Sort clothes by color and material before washing

It is highly recommended to carefully check and sort clothes by material and color before washing. Neglecting this step can result in light-colored clothes becoming patchy or dyed by poor-quality detergents mixed with dark-colored clothes.

– How to proceed:

Before putting clothes in the washing machine, carefully check and sort them by material and color. Also, check the pockets of pants and shirts to prevent clothes from becoming frayed during washing and to prolong the washing machine’s durability.

A simple trick to keep your clothes clean - Photo 3.

You can also use laundry bags to increase durability and prevent clothes from being torn or stained. (Illustrated image)

2. Soak clothes before washing

Some fabrics, such as cotton or denim, are difficult to clean when heavily soiled. Additionally, thick clothes or shirts can be challenging to wash thoroughly when mixed with other items.

For effective cleaning, place the clothes in the washing machine and fill it with water. Dissolve washing powder or detergent in the water and let the clothes soak for 20-30 minutes before starting the machine. This allows stains to loosen and become easier to remove during the washing process.

3. Add rice vinegar to the washing machine

Adding rice vinegar to the washing machine not only helps remove stubborn stains like fruit juice or oil but also eliminates unpleasant odors from fabrics.

– Procedure: Place the clothes in the washing tub and fill it with water. Add washing powder and 200ml of rice vinegar. Start the machine to dissolve and evenly distribute the washing powder and rice vinegar into the clothes. After soaking for 20 minutes, continue the washing process as usual.

4. Choose the right type of washing powder or detergent

Manufacturers produce specific washing powders and detergents for different purposes such as hand washing, top-loading washing machines, and front-loading washing machines. Pay attention to these distinctions instead of solely focusing on preferred scents or brands. Also, be mindful of using the appropriate amount of detergent, as excessive amounts can result in overflowing foam and damage the machine.

5. Select the appropriate water temperature

For lightly soiled clothes, cold water is sufficient. However, for heavily soiled clothes that require thorough cleaning, warm or hot water is more effective.

Note when washing clothes in the washing machine to avoid fraying:

– Do not overload the washing machine with too many clothes beyond its capacity.

Excessive clothes in the machine will result in squeezing and stretching during the spin cycle, leading to torn clothes.

– Arrange clothes in the washing machine carefully and neatly.

Poorly arranged clothes can easily twist together, increasing the chances of clothes becoming frayed.