How to choose delicious coconut for making Tet jam

Did you know that each type of coconut jam needs to be made from different types of coconuts? Let's explore how to choose delicious coconuts for making Tet jam!


To create quality coconut jam or coconut candy, different types of coconuts need to be used in order for the final product to meet the standard. If you want to handpick coconuts and make coconut candy yourself this year, refer to this article.

1Differentiating coconut varieties for making coconut candy

Before choosing coconuts for making coconut candy, you need to know how to differentiate between different types of coconuts. You can easily identify them with the following signs:

Young coconuts

Young coconuts will have a soft, white texture. When you press your fingernail against it, you’ll see coconut milk coming out, which means it’s a young coconut. With coconuts like this, you can easily peel off the outer brown husk.

Young coconut

Banh te coconut

Banh te coconuts will be slightly thicker than young coconuts, and the coconut meat will have a light white color. When you press your finger onto a piece of coconut, you will feel the crunchiness, but it won’t be excessively tough. The outer husk of banh te coconuts will have a light brown color, and when peeled, you will see fibrous strands inside that are not too smooth.

Banh te coconut

Mature coconuts

Mature coconuts will be the hardest among the three coconut types. You will find it difficult to press your fingernail into the meat of mature coconuts. The husk of mature coconuts will have a dark brown color and tightly wrap around the coconut meat.

Mature coconut

2Choosing the best coconut for making coconut candy

Choosing coconuts for making coconut strips

To make long, intact coconut strips, you should choose banh te coconuts. To easily separate the coconut meat, place a coconut (with the water drained and cut in half) on the stove to heat it up. When the coconut is hot, you’ll be able to easily separate the coconut meat. Alternatively, you can buy pre-separated coconuts from the market to save time.

Choosing coconuts for making coconut strips

Choosing coconuts for making shaped coconut candy

If you want to make coconut candy in star or fruit shapes, choose young coconuts. Soft, pliable coconut meat is easy to cut using molds.

To make shaped coconut candy, cut the coconut meat, wash it several times with water to remove excess oil. Marinate the coconut with sugar and food coloring for a beautiful appearance. Then, simmer the coconut candy in a pan until it becomes dry.

Choosing coconuts for making shaped coconut candy

Hopefully, with this article, you can choose the right type of coconut to make your own coconut candy. Good luck!