How to Disable AutoPlay on YouTube Music to Manage Your Playlist

Knowing how to turn off the autoplay feature on YouTube Music will help you avoid the hassle of the system continuously playing music, thus making it easier for you to manage your music library effectively.


YouTube Music is no stranger as a place for users to listen to music and watch music videos online. Here, users can download and create their own separate playlists. By default, the system will always enable the autoplay feature. This feature does not affect the user experience, but sometimes it can be annoying. If you want to turn off this feature, refer to the guide below.

How to turn off autoplay on YouTube Music

Step 1: You access the YouTube Music app > Select a song in the playlist or in the toolbar or perform a search using the magnifying glass and select a song.

Step 2: In the song interface or while playing, you swipe from bottom to top to view the next song or Lyrics > At this point, you will see the Autoplay mode is on, you just need to slide to turn it off successfully.

In addition to Autoplay mode, the YouTube Music app also has many other utilities that you should know, refer to How to view lyrics on YouTube for instructions.

Hope that the method to turn off autoplay on YouTube Music will be helpful for you in the process of experiencing this digital music platform. Don’t forget to save the article and share it with your friends and family.