How to quickly review your saved Zalo videos

Have you ever saved some Zalo videos for later but couldn't find them? Don't worry, just keep reading to learn how to watch your saved Zalo videos.


Similar to other short video content platforms, Zalo also allows users to save interesting content for later viewing. Let’s find out how to view saved Zalo Videos in just 3 simple steps.

How to view saved Zalo Videos

Step 1: Access the Zalo app on your phone > Tap on the Discovery section in the main toolbar in the middle of the screen > Tap on Zalo Video in the Mini Apps for you section or you can also tap on Zalo Video Recommended for you.

How to view saved Zalo Videos 1

Step 2: Select Profile with the person icon at the top right corner > Tap on Saved Videos.

How to view saved Zalo Videos 2

Step 3: Now, the list of Zalo videos that you have saved will be displayed below. You can tap to view any video you want. It’s that simple, isn’t it?

How to view saved Zalo Videos 3

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