Is Techcombank Online Savings Safe? How to Send Online Savings on Mobile Guide

Techcombank's online savings is a modern alternative to traditional paper-based savings cards or books. With online savings, you can easily and securely manage your savings from the convenience of your phone, without the need to visit a bank. It's a fast, safe, and efficient way to save without the hassle of physical paperwork or time-consuming trips to the bank.


More and more people are choosing to deposit savings online instead of going to the bank and depositing directly at the counter to increase convenience, save time, and get higher interest rates. This form applies to most big and small banks today, including Techcombank. So how to deposit savings online with Techcombank? Is it safe? Let’s find out with FPT Shop!

Is it safe to deposit savings online with Techcombank?

Depositing savings online at Techcombank is a safe and risk-free form of deposit, provided that customers and the bank comply with the regulations issued by the State.

In accordance with Circular No. 09/2020 / NHNN-TT of the State Bank of Vietnam on the management of information systems providing online transaction services, Vietnamese banks have built a standardized security system to ensure data integrity and security. At the same time, enhancing security with multiple security technologies such as Multi-Factor Authentication, using biometric passwords including fingerprint / Face ID or data encryption, etc.

Therefore, depositing savings online with Techcombank is safe, the risk is extremely rare, and you can totally be assured.

Why should you deposit savings online with Techcombank?

The form of depositing savings online with Techcombank on the phone brings the following benefits:

  • Techcombank’s online savings interest rates are higher than those of some other banks.
  • Quick online transactions with a few simple steps.
  • Saves time and effort of going to the bank and performing complex procedures.
  • High level of security and safety.
  • Easy management of personal information and savings accounts through the application on the phone.
  • Enjoy many incentives from online savings packages.

How to deposit savings online with Techcombank on the phone

Conditions for depositing savings online with Techcombank

  • Customers are Vietnamese citizens residing or non-residing, foreign individuals are allowed to reside in Vietnam for a period of 6 months or more.
  • Customers have a Techcombank bank account and have registered for Mobile Banking.

Detailed instructions

To open an online savings account with Techcombank quickly, customers just need to access the Techcombank Mobile application. In case you have not registered an account on Techcombank Mobile, please download the application on your phone, provide the necessary personal information and authenticate. Refer to the details here.

Download link: iOS/ Android.

After successfully registering an account, you continue to follow the instructions below to deposit savings online.

Step 1: Log into the Techcombank Mobile application, select Accounts and Cards.

Step 2: On the new interface, click on the plus icon at the top right corner of the screen. Then select Saving > Phat Loc online deposit > Start Now to proceed with depositing online savings with Techcombank for the term.

Step 3: Enter the required information such as the amount you want to deposit, the deposit term, and the maturity form.

Step 4: Double check the information to ensure accuracy, then click Confirm. And you have successfully deposited online savings with Techcombank.

Some related questions

What is the online savings interest rate with Techcombank in 2024?

Please refer to the VND savings interest rates (per year) for individual customers who deposit online at Techcombank with savings accounts under 1 billion VND.

Can customers close online savings accounts at the counter?

Yes, customers can go to the counter to withdraw principal and interest from their online savings deposits at Techcombank. Normally, term online deposits are settled into the customer’s own payment account at Techcombank. After that, customers can withdraw cash from the payment account at the counter.

How to check the balance of the online savings account with Techcombank?

To check the balance of online term savings deposits, you can access the Techcombank Mobile application, log in to your account. Press Accounts & Cards > Savings & Investment > Term deposits, and you will see information about online savings, interest rates calculated up to the current time.


Above are the information about depositing online savings with Techcombank and the simplest way to deposit savings online on the Techcombank Mobile app that FPT Shop has provided you.

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