Step-by-Step Guide on Embedding an Excel Table in Word with Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorial

Are you struggling with inserting an Excel table into a Word document to illustrate your homework assignment or presentation? No worries because this article will guide you through the detailed steps to do it.


If you are using Word to write your graduation project or presentation and you don’t know how to insert an Excel table to illustrate it, don’t worry, because in this article FPT Shop will guide you how to insert Excel into Word easily and quickly.

Why should you insert Excel into Word?

As you may know, both Word and Excel are part of Microsoft’s powerful office software suite. The majority of users in Vietnam, whether they are professionals or students, have used this suite at some point.

Basically, Word is the best word processing and text editing software available today. Meanwhile, Excel is a powerful spreadsheet tool on the market. However, sometimes you need to know how to insert an Excel table into Word because Word cannot handle complex data that Excel can. When you insert an Excel table into Word, you can illustrate your text or article in a lively and visual way with data, tables, and formulas.

Inserting an Excel table into Word is not complicated because both applications are “siblings” of the technology giant from Redmond. Excel and Word work very well together, so you don’t have to worry too much about how exactly to insert an Excel table into Word.

There are many ways to insert an Excel table into Word. Here, I will introduce you to the most common method officially supported by Microsoft.

Note: This is a guide on how to insert an Excel table into Word using Office 365 on macOS. You can perform similar steps on Windows computers.

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Frequently asked questions

To embed an Excel table in Word, first, copy the Excel table. Then, open your Word document and go to the ‘Insert’ tab. Click on ‘Object’ and select ‘Create from File’. Browse for your Excel file and click ‘Insert’. You can also use the ‘Paste Special’ option to embed the table with different formatting options.

Embedding an Excel table in Word allows you to maintain the formatting and functionality of the table within your Word document. It provides a dynamic link between the two programs, meaning any changes made to the original Excel table will be reflected in the embedded table in Word. This is especially useful for creating reports or documents that require up-to-date data.

Yes, you can edit the embedded Excel table in Word. Double-click on the embedded table to open the Excel editing window. Here, you can make changes to the table as you would in Excel. Once you’re done, click outside the table to return to Word, and your changes will be saved.

To ensure that the embedded table is dynamic and reflects changes made to the original Excel file, make sure you insert the table using the ‘Create from File’ option. This creates a link between the two files. If you want to update the embedded table with changes made to the original Excel file, simply reopen the Word document, right-click on the table, and select ‘Update’.

Yes, you can format the embedded Excel table in Word to match the style of your document. You can change the table’s border, shading, font, and more. Simply select the table and use the formatting options in the ‘Table Design’ tab in Word. These changes will only affect the appearance of the table in the Word document and won’t impact the original Excel file.